The Break Down In Language Skills

Anything but “LOL’
Shortened to lol text messages
And on-line chats
At the oriented technology short hand
And has the higher rank of language
And million of people are using it
The short hand often
Consists Of common words
Formal writing maybe appropriate
For a quick note the fact that i happen
To be capable of reading
Of any incoherent drivel
But to be honest i have irritation
About reading acronyms and abbreviation
It’s kind of like wearing
A jeans below your butt
How are we going to improve
Proficiency in English
If we keep on using the break down language instead of learning
How to communicate appropriately
Maybe we haven’t thought enough
That it’s actually have negative effect
It’s an error to use
A shortened language
Though i might have done that
With out knowing and yes! i too
Uses smiley made out
Of punctuation marks
But the again i prefer to spell
Everything out and avoid
Anything “LOL.

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