The Achiever

I see faces, faces so many.
Achiever is non, can’t find any.
I m too included in this crowd.
Haven’t done a thing which makes me proud.
Makes me stand apart from one and all.
Makes me glow brighter than a fire ball.
One day for sure ll rise and shine.
One day the path of success will be mine.
Tat day i won’t walk but will only run.
no matter even if my feets are burned.
I will not stop wit full force i will advance.
No rest shall i seek, will take no chance.
But its so dumb, n crazy to wait.
To believe tat i m controlled by my fate.
Cos i m the oly owener of my life.
N i choose the ways to fight my strife.
So now i decide to wait no more.
To beat my own path and break lock doors.
Will be addicted to success and the pain it leads.
And on power, fame and glory my soul shall feed.

Category: Student Poems

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