One Day I Just Thought

One day I just thought
have I everything got?
I wanted to fly in the sky,
like a colourfull butterfly.
but the rules of this world
broke my wonderful thought.
I dreamed tobe a Red rose,
As a poetress writes her Prose.
but everything has gon broke
nothing I have got.
nothing I have got.

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11 Responses on “One Day I Just Thought”

Laltesh sharma says:

so you are a writer also,,,,
i hope u can be a successful candidate and ya you will get the phd with english very soon….


Its very beatiful poem. Congra. 4 1st poem 2 be approve!

vishal kainth says:

very good jhalli..keep it up..very nice poem..

raj vivek says:

so nice, no word can explain d feelings as i impressed with this poem.

khusi says:

awsome di

Trupti Jain says:

thanx 2 all who appreciatsme friends
than you so much

Dipika Patel says:

nice thought like you and u r soul…. just make ur self as it is….. so don’t compare ur self with any one in this world if you do so u r insulting ur self… u god made every person different… good bless u

Rishu Ponia says:

Never judge a day by the first appearance. It is upto you what you make of the day.
plz follow these lines and in future you will only recive succes insted of miss call.have nice day

Rishu Ponia says:

“Dream is not that what you see in sleep….
Dream is one which does not allow you to sleep.”

Prakash Desai says:

really Its very beatiful poem.

Vibhu Jain says:

Really nice flow and heart touching..
All u need is to avoid extra dots,
I can feel ur pain, seems some one broke ur heart very badly.
Anyway keep writing, i stumbled on ur poems out of blue but now need to check regularley !!

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