Sorry, My Love

Not long ago,
I’ve put your love in vain.
I’ve caused you so much pain.
I’ve made mistakes all over again.

Now I write you a letter of
To say, “I’m so sorry.”
Hoping for your forgiveness
And deep understanding.

Though hopeless,
I still believe for a new beginning
This time my love is sweeter than ever.

A thousand times
I go down on my knees and cry.
And every day,
So many tears in me have fallen.

But now,
I wonder if you still love me.
I wonder if you even care for me.

You know I’d die for you, my love.
The only thing I fear is living
Without by my side.

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One Comment on “Sorry, My Love”

catch4u says:

in love no sorry n tnx,if real?
so sorry my’s insult of love

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