Guilty Or Not Guilty?

At the moment of it I felt no guilt
all I cared ’bout was my desire
I felt so weak, so hot, untamed
like a wildly lit fire
I couldn’t control the way I felt
so I let myself free
even though in the end I knew
that the shame was gonna be on me.

I couldn’t resist
for it seemed like a risk I was willing to take
even if I knew
someone’s heart, I’ll break.

So I let myself go, knowing that what I’m doing
what I swore, I’d never do
and to lessen this guilt I was aware of
I took my mind off you
At the end of it
I felt unclean and shamed

A tear fell down my face
as he starts to mention our name
“What do you think he’ll do?”
the first question he asked
I just broke down in tears
and just wanted to wear a mask
He sat down next to me
and started apologized

But, what use can I make of that?
when I see hate in my true love’s eyes?
I didn’t know what else to do after my unfaithfulness
my world just came to an end
to break my true love’s heart
was something I swore, I’d never do again.

Category: Sorry Poems

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