Deeper Side Of Ourselves

To err is human
you and i
we hurt others
as much as others
hurt us
blatantly or inadvertently
and most of the time
we fail to see
what we have done wrong
we are so consumed by anger,
hate,disgust and resentment
and such negatively
that we can’t find room
in our own hearts
to apologise
to err is human
you and i
were struggling to let go
of hurt from within
from emotional bagage
to old wounds
and so we carry them
with us untill the day
we breath our last
expecting someone to say sorry
yet we can’t make
some allowances
and forgive ourselves
to err is human
you and i.

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2 Responses on “Deeper Side Of Ourselves”

June says:

I like it… very simple and meaningful.. keep it up!

clairvoyantDestiny(Jhoyce) says:

Thank you!-_^

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