Broken Heart of a Friend…

I met a guy who is so tall
I met a guy who is so nice
This guy I met became a friend
A friend to trust until the end.

This guy friend of mine act so sweet
Then suddenly, acted so weird.
This guy friend of mine admit a thing
That he fell in love with me, sure thing.

He told me that I was so easy to love
He told me that I’m his special love
For he can no longer hide it anymore.
For I to him is a friend no more.

I told my friend, forget that thing
For I cannot offer him the same thing.
I told my friend, please stay as friends
For my heart beats for some one else.

This guy friend of mine insists his love
I told him again, please be just a friend
Is that so hard for you to comprehend?
For my heart belongs to a special man.

A man whom I walked through the aisle with
A man whom I always cherished with
For that man and I become as one
That can never be replaced with anyone.

I’m sorry my friend if I broke your heart,
But you know it from the very start
That special man that holds my heart
Is a husband of mine and we will never part…

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sasha. says:

this is a great poem. exactly explains what i am feeling right now. x

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