Reaching Out

I kept pretty much to myself
when you ask how i’m doing
i wish i could tell you
but i’ve always been careful
not to let you take
my problems on board
and make it your own
i never want you to worry
i never want to be a burden
but yes,of course
i wish i could tell you
about the pain and sorrow
i have inside
so many times i wish
to tell you how sad i am
how i wish i have your shoulder
to lay on
your ear to listen
to what i have to say
when i’m feeling down
i wish i can decide
how you addresses me
on over time your enterests,
like,and dislike
change to match my mine
i wish that you could read
my body language
and you’ll agree with me
i wish i could hear you say
good fortune in my search
for a new stories to tell
and then again i wish
you’ll love me as much
and you’ll forever holding me tight.

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yvette says:

Oh my god this a sad poem but i love it

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