“Ate” is what I called her
Rich in beauty inside of her
Lovely is the day when I’m with her
Even the nights are better
Never did she allow anyone to hurt me
In her sweet little hugs and kisses
End each day with such a giggles.

My sister is shy, sweet and simple
And not to mention, she hates to have a pimple!
You surely like her if you’ve known her as I am
Over the years she surely keep our secret
Rest is history as a penny in my pocket
End of the story for I can’t say any
Sure is that she’s the best sister to me and to many…

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2 Responses on “My ATE”

Juneah says:

Ate (Arlenie Mayores), i made this poem for you… Hope you like it sis! keep in touch. God Bless! mwah!

Ani says:

Hey Juneah, awesome poem..!! Keep up the g%d work dea.

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