You Touched My Very Soul

You touched my very soul . . .

There’s a day I’ll remember forever..
A day I’ll hold so dear to my heart
The day you came to my life.
The day we started our love.
I felt I started my life all over
To a better part I didn’t know
I know I’ll remember the day forever
Not forever, but for another day more..

I held your hand for the very first time
And in return you held mine
I saw the tender look your eyes gave me
I knew that it was all for me..
Your gentleness made me fonder of you
Your smile brought smile to my face
Your touch made my heart leap
It’s just..
I can’t find the words
To tell how much you mean to me..

But answer this one simple question
Why did you leave me?
Was it my fault or was it yours
I still can’t believe..
My heart is broken to pieces I know
But still I’m holding it for you
Why couldn’t you simply see?
That you’re leaving a heart that loves you, true..

My heart still waits for you,
Waiting only for you to return
Not a little, not a lot
But it loved you so much more..
I just want you to know I’ll always love you..
Just b’cos..

You touched my very soul . . .

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3 Responses on “You Touched My Very Soul”

love says:

im in love

sadia says:

really ur poem touched my soul too
keep smiling

Christina Simmons says:

I was touched deeply by the words of this poem. For I’m familiar when the heart is in pain, and grieving for a loss of loved ones. Your entire body aches. It’s a feeling that goes beyond description. It can only be felt. I cried whilst reading your poem. It was cathartic. A great relief. Would like copy of this poem? If at all possible.

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