Twist of Fate

What is it to be called upon
to help out a friend
you’ve never thought you’d seen again
one who had touched you deeply
before saying good bye
to call it twist of fate
that may have come too late
doesn’t seem quiet right
be it in the day
or middle of the night
no need to call it lesson learned
about being so unkind
for that you never were
just far more patient than most
you we have a lot to talk about
how is it can be so giving
how you wish you could find
someone as kind
and yet simply wish
you should somehow come to realize
you already have
in someone you thought
you’d never see again
for though time has come and gone
since our first and last hello
the way you touched
has never left
nor has my hope
of oneday seeing a friend
i’d never thought i’d see again.

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3 Responses on “Twist of Fate”

Juhi says:

Touching thoughts!!
Keep it up!!

clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce) says:

Thank you.:)

Terry says:

Aaahh…simply wonderful!

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