To Fawn Over And Flatter

It is what people generally do
whether consciously or not
it is what many resort to
when they want something
but are loath to work for it
it is not criminal offence
to fawn over and flatter
to get something you want
unless of course money
and expensive gifts are even
acceptance in accordance
with social norm?
is it a part of human nature?
has it necessary to get something done?
or to get anywhere?
are we only nice and favor those
who can do something for us?
one positive aspect of course
is that one gets to find out
who ones real friends are
and to know exactly
who one can trust and depend on
through good times and bad
the hars reality is that
things sometimes
if not always
working on the reverse
every man and women has a price
it depends entirely on
the individual
but those who love
by this code spur others
to follow suit
creating vicious cycle
it may appear that everyone
is doing it
this dog-eat-dog world
but that does not make it right.

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