Thought About Us

Seem unusual you want to cry
but your eyes are dry
you feel terribly puzzeled
about so many things in life
you’re a chronic worrier
you get worried
even to the problems of others
you think of those days of experiences
how you’ve change along the way
you took an intense pain,denial
and deepest hurt without resentment
those tears that brought you
to where you are now
you proved that they we’re wrong
all you want is to be happy
and at peace with yourself
but you are only human
sometimes you rebel and retaliate against life
specially when you find it hard
to settle down with your seemingly
unending responsibilities and
couldn’t find even a moral support
sometimes it just hurt
when you think of those days
that you gave yourself up
to those in need
yet at the end of the day
you’ll find yourself still wondering
and asking life of why you are still alone.

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bianca says:

great poem i like this poem i write poems too i got two three notebooks of poems that i wrote. i post some on here plz leave me some comments.

bianca says:

i mean three notebooks not two.

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