There’s Only So Much Time…

You can’t see me.
I lurk in the shadows.
I watch your progress, and plan your downfall.
I know everything you’ve ever done,
And hold in my hands everything you’ve ever wanted.

You can’t hear me.
I am the whisper of the wind.
I keep you on your endless road to sinful perfection.
A subconscious state of subtle insanity,
You’ve always turned to me for dangerous reassurance.

You can’t follow me.
Only chase after me.
You say it’ll be finished, once you reach said perfection.
A goal you long to reach, but strive to enhance.
Every compliment hurdles you farther into the darkness, but you thrive on them.

You can’t understand me.
You think you’re beautiful,
But beauty lies in the hands of jaded beholders.
Must you care so much for the thoughts of others?
If you join me in my weightless bliss, you’ll be free from prying minds.

You can’t know me.
I am your body, and your mind.
I control your every thought and awaken you from sleep.
The danger is in yourself- I’m merely the controls.
My dear, you shall be the committer of your own self-destruction.

Category: Sad Poems

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