Straight From My Heart

i wondr wn did it strt ..
whn wz da frst tym ..
wt ws d first ingridient ,,
tat ignitd the sprk ..
dunt recolct da momnts d date n tym ..
itz bn so long ..
da memrys,, i do rmmbr all ..
frm all d tyms wen,,
thru ds i hv gone ..
though cnt undstnd y still ,,
is it coz m fat or bcos i m dwarf ..
or probably i m jus anthr,,
big dumb ass fool ..
lukng for a showr of lov pool ..
bulk of emotns overpwrng neglignt brain,,
suppressd feelngs nd dezires fightng –
claimng to com on surface..
fed up of sayng fed up..
givng up frm being tird nd defeated..
cnt fight myslf anymore, dnt evn hv sm1 to fight wit..
bn quite a period sinc i lost it all,,
dnt feel lik dng nythg be it wat ..
no more hopes,, no more wishes ,,
jus wnt to cry my heart out ..

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