Someday I’ll Say I Love You..

‘Don’t cry my girl’, that’s all you say
Just don’t be afraid
I’m here, with you, now and forever
And we’ll go through this together

It makes me smile, but I’m crying inside
This is because I’m just too shy
‘together’ means something different to me
Something I’m sure about, we will never be

When you hug me, I feel safe
When I’m with you, everything feels great
When you smile, you make me smile too
Because I just love being around you

Being friends just isn’t enough
Even though you help me when things get tough
Just not that innocent as our friendship seems
You don’t know anything about my lovely dreams

And this is something I’ll never tell
Because I’m just scared as hell
You’ll never know how much you mean to me
But someday I’ll say I love you..

Category: Sad Poems

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