One Last Time Please

In excruciating pain I live,
by my brain nailed; to kill.
Who did that? Mom or daddy?
I wonder who plugged me.
Being born as girl a crime?
I never knew my fate on earth,
shall, meet with cruel reality,
of hate for a new born baby girl.

In the womb of hopes I dreamt,
a world full of love n’ equality.
I craved to touch my feet on raw earth,
just to feel invigorating smell of life.
World runs by megalomaniacs,
where I lost my brain in a crucifix.
Nothing have I lost but my grey matter.
Not a link broken on my chains

I see doomed faces of parents.
who sealed my fate by a hammer.
Oh what a pain it was I could not even cry,
as my mouth was plugged to a breast.
Tears dripped off incessant off my eyes,
not of my plight, but of tumbling red stars.
Under blood lit streets of dismay I trek,
dangling my head in fear; while limping on.
My feet touch on litter of dead images,
stale smell of fallen flowers rise in the air.
Isms lie beheaded by a rusted sickle,
still I stroll by seasons, stalking on hopes.
Through frost bitten trees I look anxious.
Season shall sprout silk on it again.
Sun burned skin drench in monsoon rains,
cleansing filths and dirt of cataclysms.

Mother let me rest on your lap a bit.
Let me feel your warmth once for all.
Let me leave an unfinished cry in your heart.
Let me hold you on, my mom one last time please!

Why I wrote this poem?

In china a girl was operated in her brain as she complained severe headache
since childhood.. Doctors perplexed to a pin struck in her brain. On investigation it was discovered that her parents did that in order to terminate her. Chinese law does not allow parents to have more than one child. In china parents are sentimental about having boy so many parents legally or illegally kill their girl child. This news touched my heart. Hence, this poem.

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3 Responses on “One Last Time Please”

Manoj kumar says:

First of all …a great poem….hats off for that……How could parents do … do they forget that they would not have any life if their mother would have been done the same……shame on this kind of people

Thanking you

Satheesan Rangorath says:

Dear Mr. Manoj Kumar
Thanks for you kind comments.
Satheesan R

sadia says:

GREAT poem ya everyone should know the value of girls n evn should know what their dreams are????
keep it up

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