That was how I felt
When I saw you
A distance away from me.

My heart pumped,
Pulsated more wildly
Than the way it used to.
I was overwhelmed.

You were there.
Standing just a distance
So close…
Just a breath away.

I did not want to blink
Cuz I was so afraid
That by the time I would open my eyes again,
You would not be there anymore.

Your nearness made me forget myself.
It drifted me into a world of nothing
But just a world
Of YOU and ME…

I reached out
Wanting to touch you
But oh,I could not hold you!
I could not touch you…
I could not feel you…

Tears started to fall from my eyes
Flooding my pleading face…
For again, I knew
That I could never have you…

For you were nothing…
Nothing at all —-
But everything of a….

In the past.

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