My Last Breath

Countdown begins, just left with 1 year
But still I’m totally glad coz your presence is here
But still I am very sad
Coz you’ll forget that a friend like me you ever had

I’m just left with 1 month
But I’m still happy I have your faith
But still I’m very curious
Coz no response from your side have made me curious

I’m just left with 1 week
I still have much things to seek
Would I be able to succeed?
Will you hold my hand when I’m in need?

I’m just left with 1 day
Nothing left except to pray
To make you understand my feelings in this last moment
But I’m sure it would be like the previous days that easily went

I’m just left with my last breath
The time is just beside my death
My tears just left inside that I can’t trace
As I just passed of without seeing your face

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Gurleen says:

Nice cmposition guy

kalpana says:

very interesting poem

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