Love and Hate

Moment of experience
from which to look back
it isn’t something to be proud in anyway
it betray’s the closeness
that one existed between us
because there was once a great love
that has become bitter
and we both loss
perhaps we are both jealous
of the percieved qualities
by our differences
love and hate
because we are both emotions
the strenght of one a clear
hatred seem to work
we are constantly wrestling
between this very same emotions
of love and hate
a hard and unforgiving love
the pain that comes with it
but most of all
a sheer and savage hate
a record of hate far more than love
and it is at heart of question
i know you’ve cross the line
and i know you felt the guilt
the same way as i did
that will haunt us
it will have us lying awake at night
our own conscience.

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