Lost My Value

I lost my value
all my happiness are due
even there is no clue
to explain
or to complain
what my heart is feelng
and how my pain is healing
im all left all alone
and everyone is gone
there is no one to hear
to make my point clear
and no one to wipe my tear
iam nowadays treat as a outsider
to whome no one care nor bother
iam planning to die
and for everyone is its just a lie
my heart was always with you
and you broke it into two
iam blessed with everything
but i could do nothing
why should i live
when there is no respect for me to give
my heart is broken into two
but remember i still loves you!!!!!!!!

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One Comment on “Lost My Value”

sivaraj says:

love to extreme …i really want to love some one this much…. my love is gone…but hope only

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