Just Look Back Once In a While

Hands outstretched she walks ahead.
In marriage of convenience he follows.

Trailing behind are children of hers,
Uncared, unattended, unsung, unknown.

In brisk steps all are hurry catching up time.
Blind folded unmindful she treks fast.

Some where on path he takes detour,
chewing lady’s finger to taste of his palate..

Times change, seasons rotate in order,
life treads holding scoop of dripping ice cream cone

Son retires hurt sleeps in poppy field.
World reels falling round his eyeballs.

Daughter answers her ringing handset.
find stars fall off sky, her dreams too

World has changed, women on path to heights.
High on inflated ego balloon floats aimlessly.

Womb she wore her off springs fall off grace.
On look back she found her vanity lying low.

She tries to communicate suddenly,
But nothing works, call is in the queue.

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