I’ve Let You Go

So now that i’ve let you go
what’s there is in my life
to sit there to struggle with
now that feeling is gone
what is life next turn
i’ll have to see where it goes
and what might inspire
where will touch come from
that opens yet again
doors too often shut
forgetting smiles and moving on
it never an easy thing
just eventually happens on its own
once that feeling is gone
now life begins again
just another start a new
as i strive to learn
things i never knew
onwards i walk
to a new found friends may ask
how was the walk from there and here
i’ll be able to answer so much easier
now the feeling is gone
we’ll laugh and joke
and share the day
grasping a new hand to hold
sharing new stories told
now the feeling is gone
yeah right
while it’s true i’ve let you go
the good GOD
and i both know
that feeling hasn’t gone.

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5 Responses on “I’ve Let You Go”

ravi says:

This poems are so lovely i like this

clairvoyantdestiny (jhoyce) says:

thank you Ravi for giving me a read 🙂

Terry Mcdee says:

nice one,i dont get this very often.

Rosie says:


Jenny says:

very touchy

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