It Was You Not I

I’m not the only one
Who thought so
Nor the last
To realise
That when making friends
Are not meant to be
Trusted immediately
I did not have
A shudder of fear
When friends shared their lives
Though I am not for take advantage
But I have a memory about a dream
To how a friend
Can be so cruel
I didn’t recognise the omen
And give my trust without a fear
My heart all bruised
While I’m not rich
Yet a friend with ill intent
And evil inspiration
To cheat my money and my trust
Seemed a serious affection
Too many times
I question why
I let her fled and ignored
The echoes of her steps
Hurried away from me
Refusing to return
Only one thing
I can remember now
Even though like
A thousand knives stabbing me
Thank you for all
That you’ve done
It somehow teach me
The value of trust
And make me a better person
The pain was long gone
But the hurt still there
I no longer worry or regret
I still walk humbly and proud
That it was you
Not I…

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