I Lied

My life exists as ordinary
As what other beings have
With laughters and merriment
Sadness and worries, too.

For years I withhold the past
Which once made me cried
And wipe out all the pains
It just created in my heart.

Ignoring what’s inside of me
Pretending I’ve moved on
Believing somehow what I felt
Had gone already.

I stopped the memories
We spent together
And rather spend each day
With happiness and laughters.

But you came back again
My heart stopped for a moment
As if I’m breathless
And tears started to flow.

Why only now?
When everything’s going great?
I’ve waited in silent
Hoping you’ll find me, too.

I belong to someone else now
And things are different
But I must admit
I still care and long for you.

Please leave and never return
Cause you only make this sadness
Kill me more and more
So, go where you used to be!

I have to move ahead
For the sake of my loved ones
I don’t want to prolong the pain
You once caused in my heart.

If we’re meant to each other
God will lead us to one another
Not now, but in His time
Free to love unselfishly.

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