How Is It God Could Need You More Than I?

They say love is blind and you made this true.
I never got to place you in an outfit either pink or blue.
Never rocked you in my arms as you always quietly slept.
Not one tear did I get to dry as you sadly wept.

I planned for you each and every day
I dreamed of you thought it would all be okay

I prepared for you in that motherly sort of way.

Then soon I had you but God took you away.

So now I miss you as the pain slowly eases each day.

I love you Serenity you are my first precious Babe.

Maybe this is the way Maa is supposed to feel,
Perhaps my wounds are never intended to heal.
If I could ask but one question why,
How is it God could need you more than I?

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One Comment on “How Is It God Could Need You More Than I?”

paromita says:

Its for 23rd July, 1995.
Stay in Peace whreever you are , my darling angel..

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