Hopes ..

u sed,, “hope u’d call” ,, && hung up ..
Jus triggrd a wave of sad angr ..
i also hope .. u knw ..
evryday i hope to grw thinr ,,
hope wont b alone any longr ..
hope to do sm certifictn soon ,,
hope ofc wrk progresses too ..
hope to hv sm frnz ,, nt mny bt few ..
evn hopd 2 meet ur gang ,,
hang aroun for a whle ,, a day or two ..
hd also hoped tht u’d cm to see me smtym ,,
or may b atlst wlcm whn i pushd dirctly ..
dnt knw y .. bt u also ignord ,, lik all tha othrs do ..
u wre mah new hope && i realy didnt xpct mch too ..
A few moments of carefree tlks ,, &&
a frnz’ suport to linger on ..
i hope tnsns sinc long wud disolv soon ..
hope a day cms in my lyf wen my frstrtn levl lightns n falls a levl or few ..
hope for sm minutes,, smday ,, dre d b sm thng for whch my rumy wnt crib ,,
hope dre wd b a tym,, wn evry thrd prsn stops lukng 4 sm excuses to argue ..
hope i ‘ d get marryd soon ,,
hope my lovd ones bcum hpyy too ..
i alws write ~ hope to smile nd laugh wit few ,,
wtch a muvi or party n njoy in a mnth or two ..
unfortunatly my hopes dont cum tru ,,
bt,, as u hoped ,, i’l cal u soon ..

Submitted by me24u.

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