He Can Never Be Mine

Once I had a friend
He is the closest one I had
But then something went bad
Bad or good, really I can’t tell
For I myself don’t feel well…

He’s been so nice and sweet
And tried to please me every time we meet
He knows I’m a married woman
And yet he insists for his love to come.

At first I was so afraid
Afraid to risk the love that grows
It grows and grows each time we meet
And it really knocks me off my feet.

Weeks pass by until one day
I decide to “Take a Risk”
“I never thought” that on that day
I’d say, “You will always be my baby”.

It’s been great for quiet sometime
And we surely did have lots of fun
A fun that we both deserve
For we love each other, though it’s absurd.

Until one day I realize something
I need to decide and make it right
For he deserve much love than mine
For I know, He can never be mine…

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