Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Try

There are some vows you make
that you’ll just never keep
doesn’t mean you’ll never try
just that some
have a mind all thier own
i promised i vowed
to write or say no more words
about the short time
we spent in each others arms
and yet here i am again
betrayed by my own hand
when it touches pen
and heads to paper
my heart and mind join in
unconsciously they all conbine
to dishonor my vow
and all im left to do
is to read what they write
each time they speak
in a different way
of how they were touched
of how they love
and feel for your smile
i read each line
think how can so much be felt
in so little time
think how i try to explain
why the words won’t stop
but there are some vows you make
you’ll just never keep
no matter how you try.

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Victor says:

it make sense,very good poetry. says:

“Thank you”:)

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