At The Reflection

A friend said to me
what are you doing
as i looked in the mirror
just what is it
you expect to mind
in your search to see
i started for a long,long moment
at the reflection
as i race through my mind
seeking to discover
what i hope to reveal
but the only things there
were a blank stare
and an empty mind
i was about to turn and walked away
when a pumping arose
inside my chest
and something in my face
caught my eyes
as i felt the blood
start to flow through my veins
into my soul
as my mind began to race
my breath quickened
then evened out
for i saw in those eyes
a burning desire
and felt a passion to overtake
every fiber of me
i was about to turn again
when a friend said
it’s nice to see
you’ve found your self
before i could speak
the thought occured to me
it’s so nice to finally see
what had been there all along
longing to be free
and yet
when i finally turn
i was alone.

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