All By My Self ..

This intolerable loneliness, never felt before ..
Blues so deep, cant stand anymore ..

No one to talk, the silence is killing ..
My heart pains, each heartbeat it screams ..

I wanna love, I wanna laugh ..
I wanna play, I wanna hug ..

Oh! so dark, can’t breathe in now ..
All by myself, I cry & shout ..

The brightness outside, amplifying my sadness ..
These four walls, echoing my helplessness ..

Wat did I do, I don’t know ..
Wt I did’nt do, I dun know ..

Why am I a left out,
Even still I can not figure ..

All strength lost, feels so painful & weak ..
Need a hand to hold, shoulder to lean ..

A friend to share any mood,
Just one that I ask for ..

Adding to misery’s, sands of time passed ..
All alone throughout, it has been long ..

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