Wife Poems

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Runnig Late …

Cumig to ofc lateee
Cause hav a date
Mah darlgg wyf awaits
An early appotmnt
I hd to mke
Lost in dreamzz
All count of tym
Hours & minutes I forget
Plannig n plotting
Emails nd excuses
Oh God! So mch it tkes
Dese mny efrts
& in da end
Neithr a hug
Nor a peck on cheeks
Nt evn on my bald
Anytg I dunt get

Always On My Mind

Wherever I go,
Whatever I do,
A woman of your kind,
Always on my mind.

I love you,
I always love you,
A simple words I do admit
Yet full of energy and heat.

Day and night,
I pray for your safety and health.
Before I go to sleep,
I would think of you so deep.

You’re like a drug,
‘Cause I’m addicted to you.
You’re like a beautiful seed,
Planted on my mind.

Together and forever,
You’ll never be apart
In my heart,
My one and only lover.

Dear Gre Pearl Gay

Dear Gre Pearl Gay,
I swear from this day forward
To think positive things only.
I’ll do everything to make you proud.

Tha fact is I’m afraid to lose you.
It’s too hard for me without you.
I’m sorry for the lack of trust
And that’s the time when you need me most.

Dear Gre Pearl Gay,
It’s not my intention to hurt you.
Please, I don’t want you to cry.
All I wish in this world is to be with you.

You’re right to say that I’m weak,
Yet I’m not sticks and stones that will break.
You’re the reasons why I’m strong and out of blue
‘Cause the love I have for you is always true.

Dream Of The Dawn

As I woke up today by your side,
My feelings for you I can not hide,
I touched your face in the morning light,
Being with you just feels so right

You make me feel like I’m a queen,
Like being inside an awesome dream,
Although this is real, that I know,
As the love that surrounds us continues to grow

I think of what the future holds…
Hand in hand both growing old,
And as I lay, with you dear,
I’m just so glad you’re mine, you’re here.


How blessed I am that you are in my life
Now my days pass with little strife
I wonder how lovingly you can handle me
In my anger, restlessness and love without any plea.

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be your wife
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love and cared
My friend, my lover, my king
Till the end to my full swing.

Your body close to mine,
Our hearts beat in time,
With a smile of simple pleasure,
Which had last forever.

Some say perfection is unattainable
For most things that’s explainable,
But in your arms and with your heart’s affection
I have found the long moment of satisfaction.