Valentine Poems - Page 3

My Valentine

Despite that I annoyed you my sweetheart,
On no account thumbs down, in no way break heart,
I love you with will always be,
Naught can sever up the word we,
Attachment amid us is more than “muscle n bone”,
I would fight with the world to make you my own,
You propped up me and my life,
You are so benevolent my wife,
Were I the godly patron I would bestow you my well being,
Were I the richest person I would offer you my well-off living,
I wish to take your name at my very last suck in air,
Till the bereavement I would love you with oodles of care…………

My Ideal Man

My ideal man is not so handsome…
My ideal man is someone who’s simple..
My ideal man is someone who cares…
My ideal man is someone like you…

My ideal man should be loving..
Who forgives me for my wrong doings…
My ideal man should be strong..
Strong enough to catch me every time I fall..

My ideal man needs not to be perfect..
Enough for me is a man of his own words..
My ideal man should know how to stand on his own..
So he can keep me secure and never leaves me alone…

My ideal man should know every little thing about me..
He should know how to make me laugh..
And most importantly, he let me be me & love me for what I am…
My ideal man is someone like you… somehow…

A Very Fun Day

Happy Valentines Day
The Day is Very Fun
Even though there is no sun
All day I like to play
The weather is just right
The Snow is very white
There is a lot of Sharing
There is a lot of Caring

We Often Justify

To whoever is whithin earshot
With different vibrations
That you’re not giving
According to what others
Have been expect you to be
Time when you feel more twinges
Or pricking of conscience altogether
Time when you feel
That there are so much need
For any form of giving
More that what you actually have
For the substandard
Of what others expect you to be
Then you see yoursel against
Who you are
There are times
When you question
Whether you have been too stupid
Or just plain cowardy
There are questions
That flit through your minds
But maybe it has nothing to do
With frustration after all
Perhaps you have to reach
The point to be able to choose
Is by it self
A symbol of free-will
Which lends dignity to human
State but also know that
Life doesn’t always give us
The freedom to choose.

Accomplishments And Positive traits

I’ve learned to take
and give compliments
whenever someone compliments me
i practice saying thank you instead
i tried not to over analyse it
judge the giver
or make light of it
instead simply let it soak
in and allow myself
to feel really good
and i realised when
i give compliments
i am learning to the knowledge
the good in others
this way i’ve learned
to notice the good in myself as well
never i shall forget
to remind myself and be more than glad
to be accepting of my body
i have to be accepting
of those around me
because it is an
accomplishments and positive traits.

When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking

When you thought
i wasn’t looking
i saw you make a meal
and take it to a friend
who was sick
and i learned that
we’all have to help
takecare each other
when you thought
i wasn’t looking
i saw how you handle
your responsibilities even
when you didn’t feel good
and i’ve learned that
i would have to take
responsibilities in
everything i do
when you thought
i wasn’t looking
i saw tears from your eyes
and i learned that
sometimes things hurt
but it’s alright to cry
when you thought
i wasn’t looking
i saw you cared and
i wanted everything
that i could
when you thought
i wasn’t looking
i learned most life lesson
that i wanted to know
to be good and productive person
when you thought
i wasn’t looking
i look at you
and i wanted to say
thank’s for all
the things i saw
when you thought
i wasn’t looking.


Isit under a sky of blue,
All i can think of is mind you
I sit gazing at the sky thinking of u,
As day’s go by wish we can be always and forever,
Hoping we will never part u,
will always remind in my heart
i’ve seen the light and it in u,
in every think u do

I Love You, Miss You, Need You

I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.

I need you like a flower needs the rain.
I need you for you can wash away my pain.
I need you more each day
I need you for you are so wonderful, in every single way.

I miss you more than ever now.
I miss you because I really need you somehow.
I miss you and your touch.
I miss you for to me, you mean so much.

I want you to caress my lips the way you always do.
I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you.
I want you to hold me close to your heart.
I want you to know that I love you, need you, miss you, and want you
And I have for every single moment, right from the start.

He Took My Heart

He took my heart
and flew away
i was looking him everywhere
evry thing,in evry message
see him i my body
in my veins
in my blood
in my heart
he never show himself
but u can feel it
feeling him is good
he sings songs for u
when i go to bed
put his fingers in my
hairs,give me a soft kiss
on lips,every where
i close my eyes
and just feel ithe sings a
morning song for me
when i woke up
make me a tea
and slowly gives me with smile
i drink it and it energize me all day
i don’t need vitamins
his soothing words r every thing for me
i appreciate his company,his good night wishes
his morning songs
his blessings his all kind of love
without any desires
believe me there is no way
u can forget him
he is u and u r him
love does not want anything back
just wants to mingle and merges with
person someone love
they both made rainbow together
which is colourful and soothing
smiles,sings and after a while disappear
it will come again after rain some day

He Is Special

He Is Special
He Is Sweet
He Touches The Heart
Go Deep Down
And Touches All
The Wires If My Heart
He Is No Body
Just A Friend
For From Millions
Of Millions Of Milles
But So Close To The Heart
I Can’t Define Him
In My Words
Just Feel In The Air
I Don’t Know How
Long It Will Last
Forever And Forever
Did U Ask Urself
Did U Ever Feel The Pain
It Is Sweet And Soft
Sometimes Sings
Sometimes Cries Too
But It Worth It