Valentine Poems - Page 2

February 14

Its morning and I’m awake before you, watching you sleep. Covers barley drawn.

The beauty of your nakedness that peeps from under the cover had my eyes journeyed beyond galaxies of a night well spent.

Replaying the thrill of touches, the ecstasy of frost whispers in my ears, As petals of red rose and white covers stand as brides mate and grooms to our love ceremony.

Chocolates was our ring of choice, feeding each other lips to lips. And the wine that drink from our navel said exotic vows.

The wetness of your tongue in memory that dance on my neck leave me shivered, I still could feel your presence like you never stopped.

I journeyed and journeyed, blooming smiles, as your screams of passionate feeling was my favorite song. You were singing to me with fingernail scratches.

My memory goes deeper and deeper, lost in the symphony sounds of our love making. The tear of joy from your eyes fall like shooting star.

Sounds of you calling my name came in repeat, echoing louder and louder. Suddenly the touch of your awaken and calling had me awake to my consciousness.

Traces Of Her Cuddle

I open the door to my room
And the memory of her fragrance greet me.
I smile and walked in like she was there.
Inhale her presence; her essence that lingers.
Flashes of her camera that freezes our moments together; I remembered how she posed like a model.
Protruding smiles so bright like sunflower.
I run my hand along the bed, places where she laid,
Everywhere, I tenderly touched.
As if I was touching her body once more.
Slowly I sit glancing over my shoulder, where she had laid before me and slept away.

Into The Eyes Of Truth

So here you sit and say
Your so mush wiser than the rest
You know more than us
When it all comes down to it
Yours is the only way
You claim to put yourself
High upon a perch
Shouting out a words of wisdom
On what you choose
to say covering up
All your wish
Not for us to see
You tell us how
Things should be
As you speak
Just as you heart and minds
While the words you claim to speak
Claiming everything
As you sit and say your so much wiser
Than the rest of us
Hmm I have to sit and wonder
Just what words
You’ll use
If and when the day
Does come
You have to look and answer
Into the eyes of truth

Love Merchant

Killer with eyes brown, marches alone in white gown,
Inner beauty makes dame extra fine.
Lips locked and stylish walk and her eyes down,
Rays are adding beauty, hairs a shine.
Every eye focused on, why the beauty”s walking alone,
Dame turns a rue, and no she’s gone.
Many named one love merchant and got love’s warrant.
Enigmatic smile, takes million hearts a time,
Luckily got chance to talk, was bind in locks of relations.
Was banned to love, and yes to her ‘mine’.
Was in hurry to die, wanted to dig her own grave.
Fake are relations, can’t live like slave.
She had got tired fighting with all various situations,
Wished her not to give life’s explanations.
After this sad departure, I got an only conclusion.
Yes, man changes with passage of time,
Outer happiness comes unreal, when inside’s torn by time.

I Am Your Angel

Please talk to me when sadness full your heart,
Please call me when somebody hurts you down,
When you are upset, even crying start,
When put on black and fearful, awful gown.
Please ask my help when your dreams will be broken,
When you decide to go another way.
Remember me, the words that have been spoken,
I can you warm, I always say “Please, stay!”
I always stop before you`ll do a foul,
I`ll give my hand to keep your mind for you.
I am your Angel and your happy soul…
I`ll send you words that I have ever knew.
I never let you be forever lonely,
I never push you if you go on blade.
I`ll help you fly when you are falling slowly,
When to be saved is really too late.
I`ll help to run away from evil`s thought,
I`ll give you love and kindness of my heart.
I`ll be your friend like God my soul taught,
I live for you and am your spirit part.

Silent Saying

When for a while you talked not,
In the sea of sadness ‘n tears I got lost.
I waited long, watched your face,
You were just busy doing my love’s trace.
Not for a moment you turned to me,
Crying heart saying, have smiling look at me.
entire World will be dark without you,
but to see your turn, my thoughts down grew.
You held my hand again, said nothing,
That day I found, your silence saying everything.


Takin’ to a stranger is strange…
one’s goodness can make you change…

thing needed one should be loyal…
that loyal can make your soul royal…

one will leave an impression bright…
with one,from inside you’ll feel light…

bad will change to see the love pure…
don’t worry you’ll see the one for sure…

will come really, to make you see…
stand truly, in your arms one will be…
C.K as oliver

Are you one among them?

There was a day
When we were just strangers…
Days passed and so did the weeks,
Neither you nor me knew
How we became too close.
I hesitated for a moment
Turned around and looked back for my past
Walking along the lanes of life
Some came with a flattering smile
And some others owned a fake mind
Are you one among them?

Come To Me

Don’t love me, if you’re going to leave me.
Never come near me, if you’re going far away forever.
I want to hear those words, just say for me.
Your only beauty can’t give relief to me.
For a while just come near and please, please me
I want to show you my love, dear come near me.
Don’t love me, if you’re going to hate me.
If you’re afraid of world, then please belief me.
Don’t forget your promise, with which you pleased me.
I need’ not your body, I just want your soul.
I will never leave your hand; just once give it to me.
It’s the sound of my heart, please listen to me.
Never hold my hand if you’re going to make me alone.
Beauty is for a time, but love remains forever.
I am gazing at the way, on which you’ll come to me,
I just want to be yours, Come if you trust me,
C.K as oliver

Have a Little Trust in me

Have a little trust in me
I will never break it
Open your heart slowly
Don’t hide anything from me
Share your pain fearlessly
Warmth of our love will melt it
Don’t go far away from me

Have a little trust in me
I have seen the whole world
Rare to find a man with a beautiful heart
How can I afford to loose you
Let life bring all problems
I will stand with you in every struggle

Have a little trust in me
I will never break it