Valentine Poems

True love

The grass is green my love clean
The sky is blue my love is true


i’m ripping at my skin,
trying to free myself,
form my life,
it’s all i hear,
it’s all i want.


Staring from a single window
To open dark night sky
All the twinkle little stars
Speaking truth to justify.

Why to run behind the fame
Like a moon does not light
Creating more and more complicate
Making simple life to fright!

Distributing preach hand to hand
Prove the world cause made for
In home there is no cause
Then staging sage what for?

Along the river life will flow
Make it worthy by thinking so
Do some good day to day
Let the Heaven world to glow!

Morning shows how the day goes
Fill the world with true zeal
Let live all together and
Pull the heaven on earth to feel!

From an Emotional Fool

It’s been only a few days,
I felt a million worldly rays.
I am fake my existence is no,
Soil’s statue would be there so.
Emotional fool they called me,
I don’t know in love how to be.
Goodness exists in me not,
To badness I give clear shot.
Broken relations get recreations,
Move on with time having celebration.
Stay with whom you want to,
Go and Get yourself,
Real eyes to realize the real lies.

Just Like An Angel

It was pleasant day in early May.
Cold breeze was blowing and time seemed to be slowing.
As i wondered Why, My eyes wandered on to this Princess.
She looked ravishing.
The breeze seemed to be kissing her cheeks, disturbing her hair
Oh! she looked so fair i swear.
Her eyes seemed like the morning sun,
Shining so bright and spreading her light.
She had the lips of an angel
I would have kissed her if she wasn’t a stranger.
Her smile had a hypnotic effect.
She was so pretty, the mirrors begged to reflect.
As she walked past me, my head turned, jaw dropped
and my eyes popped.
I felt like i was hit by a Thunder bolt.
As she left i stood there wondering
Will i see her again? Who is she?
Just another stranger or a real angel?

© Copyright 2013

Silent Saying

When for a while you talked not,
In the sea of sadness ‘n tears I got lost.
I waited long, watched your face,
You were just busy doing my love’s trace.
Not for a moment you turned to me,
Crying heart saying, have smiling look at me.
Entire World will be dark without you,
But to see your turn, my thoughts down grew.
You held my hand again, said nothing,
That day I found, your silence saying everything.

Your Eyes

When I looked into your eyes
And watched that tears
Came falling down like a storm,
I felt helpless like a worm.

I wanted to show you that my love
Would never hurt you like this.
I wanted to tell you that life
Was not all about pain and sufferings.

There was something in your eyes.
I couldn’t tell what it was
But you have suffered enough.
I could see why you were tough.

Your eyes were eyes by many
Who have been hurt for sometime.
I wish you were carried away
By my expression of love.

I’d do anything to protect you.
I would always be there for you
Every single day
To love you endlessly.

Happy Valentine’s Day

This is a wonderful day
To say, “I love you”
To our loved ones.
Happy valentine’s day!

This is a right opportunity
To put away our differences
And let love reigns in our hearts.
Happy valentine’s day!

Let’s love one another
And put our hearts together.
Let this season of love
Makes as one.

Happy valentine’s day!


Love is not a fantasy..
Love is not a dream…
Love is like a veil which separates two hearts from each other…
Remove the veil and you will find me..
Remove the veil and you will see my heart..
Remove the veil and you will see the burning fire..
Burning to quench it’s thirst forever…
Come be my valentine and for all days ever..And ever and ever….

Magic of Winter Night

In the dimness where the stars dully glow
Are the two warm hearts sharing the pillow
They blow the stars out in turn with ease
One by one, every time with tease

Away fades the shimmer by the wind of enchantment
Down goes another one while they wish for true contentment
Counting down the stars, a few more left
Slowing down the pace, and beware theft

No more left, but only the four eternal stars
That neither die, collide nor leave scars

In the complete darkness, then, shines a silver moon
That he takes from the red sock with his wand in hand
To hollow out the centre for a ring: She is over the moon
With pearl drops in her bosom, lip to lip, and hand in hand…