Thank You Poems

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Originally written by Daneillia Leisl Samuels

So tired waking up half asleep as i walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth
oh i’d rather stay home
but i chose to earn for a living grateful…
as i pause and thank God for the blessings he showers me with daily
i can accept it or throw it away
its a matter of choice
fatigue has me!!!
as i sit in my office and think
there’s people out there who is not in a office,home,or shelter
rushing through my day to hurry home, study and cook
and finally i relax as i sit with my books
i am blessed
so blessed….
i gave it all to You Father and You have blessed me
choice!!! it was my choice to accept the blessings
my choice to keep the hope
my choice to keep the faith
Oh Father i am forver grateful!!!!
thank You for the Choices
it made me grow
i’ve learned from it
i am forever grateful….

More Than You’ll Ever Imagine

How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done
Like how you’ve
Always there for me
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
You were there to join me
In my challenge in my stride
When life throws a blow on me
You never turn your back on me
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever know
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
No matter what kind of mood
I am in or even in
The toughest moment
You warms my heart with love
You give up a bit
In whatever I need
How do I say to you
More than you’ll ever imagine
Thank you for everything
You’ve done for me
Thank you
Thank you…

Thank You

Thank you for your dependable strength
that can move mountains
and make believe
that from here to tomorrow
spin a fabulous dreams
Thank you
for treating me so amazing
like no one treats me before
and make me feel and make believe
that anything is possible
Thank you
for flaming the torch of light
the way to how I seek
to what I’m looking for
and for not giving up on me
Thank you
for showering me with all your love
and all your appreciation
with compliments in my imperfect ways
Thank you
for letting me just who I am
thank you for simply being you…

The Gift Itself!

There were times
When even the most sincere
Thank you fall short.
This is one such instance.
For all that I am to others.
Many things to many people.
To those who made
A special mark of my life.
Now is the time when gratitude
Need to be expressed.
To those who honoured my presence.
And keep me company.
And to those who regaled me
With heart warming tales
And endearing friendship with me.
To those who always wish me the best.
Takecare and all that.
Those who called and messages me
every now and then.
To those who said what I am not.
To those who come and go.
And…most of all
To those who were here lending a hand.
And more during my moment
of greatest need.
Know that I am deeply touched.
And that while mere words
cannot express how I feel.
About all that you have done for me.
I am truly greatful and humbled.
By you’re thoughts.words and deed.
You’ve been amazing
Thank you-or simply being you…

Thank You For Loving Me

You came to my life unexpectedly.
You came to my private world with your understanding heart,
And I told to myself that you were different from the very start.
You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
And even after I was done with my immaturity, craziness, in short you saw all the good and the bad, yet you never let go.
We developed a friendship with trust, with no walls to build or guard,
I’ve grown to love you with no hidden agenda but with only the real me,
I let you see and know the girl who never let anyone to her world.
Letting you get to know about me what most people never see.
I’m writing this to you for you to understand,
That spending time with you is so precious I never want to let go your hand.
The time that we spend apart cannot equal when we talked and exchanging messages .
That’s what I felt and feel.
I want to thank you for always understanding me and loving me.
Your the man I wished I would have met to share my life
I miss you so much but when we meet again will be so much better.
I am sorry for everything……So sorry……..
We said goodbyes million times yet we still fixed it.
I don’t know really anymore if am talking with sense now.
All I know now is I want my old self back.
The girl who will just be content looking her family happy and let her own happiness in her own private world.
She tried to share her world but it never worked.
Not because of you I know that.
It is ME and no one else fault.
I love you so much that’s why I’m letting you go.
Letting you go because I know am not good enough for you.
Thank you for all the love you gave me…
I will treasure all the good and bad moments we shared together…



The concept behind Desicomments
Is a good one
It gives someone like me
Who have a flair in writing
It might not be the best
But Desicomments
Gives me a chance
To do something that
I passionate about
Filled my spare time
With something worth while
Desicomments certainly encourage me
To rack my brain
To come out with review
It such a great boost for my confidence
And i have Desicomments
To thank for…..

Thank u……

“Thank u Guys for being there for showing me the path,
Thank u for always forgiving me for mistakes,
Thank u for always staying by my side,
Thank u for giving me the courage,
Thank u for listened to my problems,
In a kind and caring way,
I’m only complete when u are near,
Guys I couldn’t forget all of u,
Even at the last breath I take,
Coz u’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

I Know There You

May seem unusual to some
not surprisingly it is not an easy task
to write about my experience
my anxieties about life
and thought about us
forgive me for not making it right
the words that misspelled
or the wrong grammars
because the truth
im still have a long way to go
though trying hard
to make it better
i know there you and
i thank you
for the time you spare for me
by simply reading the simple thing i do
but i hope my mistakes
will be consider and somehow make you smile

YOU Made Me Stronger…

You were there with me when I needed someone
Someone to talk to, to cry with and to laugh with
Yes, you were there with me all those wary nights
All those time that I was in the dark, you shed light.

I’m thankful for having you as my friend
For you were always there to comfort me
You were there beside me to tell me everything will be alright
You were there to catch me every time that I fall.

You were there when I need you, but are you really there?
Thought you loved me, how come you act, as if you don’t care?
You are the reason why I am acting this way now, my friend
But still, I thank you, for you made me stronger…

Stronger as the beast that roar in the wild
Stronger as the storm across the ocean
Stronger as the diamond that won’t break
Stronger enough to take all heart aches….

I thank you my friend, for you made me stronger…