Sorry Poems

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Sorry, My Love

Not long ago,
I’ve put your love in vain.
I’ve caused you so much pain.
I’ve made mistakes all over again.

Now I write you a letter of
To say, “I’m so sorry.”
Hoping for your forgiveness
And deep understanding.

Though hopeless,
I still believe for a new beginning
This time my love is sweeter than ever.

A thousand times
I go down on my knees and cry.
And every day,
So many tears in me have fallen.

But now,
I wonder if you still love me.
I wonder if you even care for me.

You know I’d die for you, my love.
The only thing I fear is living
Without by my side.

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me
For all the times
I’d never there for you
Please forgive me
For all the times
I talked behind your back
Though it wasn’t
Done with ill intent
Please forgive me
For taking you for granted
And for not being there
When you needed me most
Please forgive me
For the times
I’d never reach
Your expectations
For not being
Good enough for you
Please forgive me…

Sorry I Let You In.

Sorry I ever fell for you,
Sorry I ever cared.
Sorry I never realized that you didn’t play fair.
Sorry you ripped my heart out,
Sorry I let you shout.
Sorry I let the real you ever come out.
I can’t believe I let you ever into my life,
All you did was cause me, oh so much strife.
Instead of saying sorry,
Maybe I should say thanks,
for teaching me everything i know,
about guys like you.

I’m Sorry

You’re going through a tough time,
and “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough
to express the way i feel.

But maybe if i told you
I believe in you
and i know your strengths
and i know you’ll be okay,
it’ll help you see yourself
the way i see you…

Game On Trap

My mind began to wander
I drifted in and out
I’d like to think that
There’s still a soft side
Behind those icy words of yours
What does your act constitute anyway
That scrolded down to hinting games
You seemed to be getting so stressed
And it sound like
You are obssessed with it
But there’s nothing like
The peace of mind
I am my own person
For what and who i am
Not by any means suffer
A similar obssessed and fear like yours
As i feel sorry for you
I knew it all along
That there is definitely
Much more to life than
To play your game on trap.

Deeper Side Of Ourselves

To err is human
you and i
we hurt others
as much as others
hurt us
blatantly or inadvertently
and most of the time
we fail to see
what we have done wrong
we are so consumed by anger,
hate,disgust and resentment
and such negatively
that we can’t find room
in our own hearts
to apologise
to err is human
you and i
were struggling to let go
of hurt from within
from emotional bagage
to old wounds
and so we carry them
with us untill the day
we breath our last
expecting someone to say sorry
yet we can’t make
some allowances
and forgive ourselves
to err is human
you and i.


I hate to be blame for the things I didn’t do
I hate to hurt someone, especially you.
I hate to do this, but what else can I do?
If I know that I can never have you…

I hate to take blame on something other’s do
For I already had enough so much things to do.
I hate to leave you like this
So I hope my friend, you’ll forgive me with this.

Forgive me for I have hurt you
Please, forgive me for leaving you.
Most especially, forgive for I love you…
Because you love me, I can never blame you…

It’s Too Late

Its’ hard to love someone without loving you back
The same love you offer, you can never take back
It’s hard to loose a person, a person close to your heart
A person you know someday would break your heart.

It’s hard for me to leave you, God knows it’s true
I hope you know that I loved you as much as I can offer you
But the thing my friend, this love needs to end
For I don’t want to hurt you, my conscience couldn’t take
So I have to leave you now, before it’s too late.

I know right now, you don’t understand
But I hope someday you do, why I did this to you
Everything’s easier said that done, my friend
Sorry if I hurt you, but it’s the best I can do, before it’s too late.

Broken Heart of a Friend…

I met a guy who is so tall
I met a guy who is so nice
This guy I met became a friend
A friend to trust until the end.

This guy friend of mine act so sweet
Then suddenly, acted so weird.
This guy friend of mine admit a thing
That he fell in love with me, sure thing.

He told me that I was so easy to love
He told me that I’m his special love
For he can no longer hide it anymore.
For I to him is a friend no more.

I told my friend, forget that thing
For I cannot offer him the same thing.
I told my friend, please stay as friends
For my heart beats for some one else.

This guy friend of mine insists his love
I told him again, please be just a friend
Is that so hard for you to comprehend?
For my heart belongs to a special man.

A man whom I walked through the aisle with
A man whom I always cherished with
For that man and I become as one
That can never be replaced with anyone.

I’m sorry my friend if I broke your heart,
But you know it from the very start
That special man that holds my heart
Is a husband of mine and we will never part…

Crippled Thoughts

Four walls are rising up daily, shading.
Day stretches longer and longer.
An insignificant life humbles down.
Gasping, craving heaving for fresh air.

Foul smelling old age hangs on,
Exposing skeleton and sinews ghastly.
Leaning on helplessness, life crumbles,
stumbles on anguish and frustrations.

Lips move uncontrollably in quick segments.
Teeth less mouth slips down; dripping saliva.
By habit hand reaches for the buzzer.
No attendant turns up, awaiting for orders.

Feeble hands of sun fondles sometimes
Moon and starlit sky often peeps into day dreams
Moonlight dinner served to a tiny tot-
gets cold in the deep freezer of memory.

World runs faster than ever before,
Everyone gets struck in a time machine.
Pleasantries and fineries are forgotten.
Nobody cares to care no one

With a limping body and broken ego,
Many lives stay stagnant on mattresses
Blaring sound of music attacks siesta
Grand children having the whale of a time

Suddenly some one carries you on stretcher
Runs through the hospital corridor to the x-ray
Sky above reels round the retina
Entire cosmos bows downs in colour patches.

Heart x-ray picture shows a lot of greenery.
A lot of favorite things like blue satin ribbons!
Fantasies of life, flora and fauna, butterflies,
Song of birds, roar of animals, chimes of bell.

Aroma of life takes smell of surgical spirit.
Pills and medicines make a beeline to throat.
Food delicacies have disappeared from the menu.
In the sour of elixirs life breathes on.