Sister Poems

Salts of Pain

Since the day you were born
i woke up smiling every morn
to pick you up , play with you and sometimes fall asleep in front of you favorite tv show
no we had no idea what the future holds
the laughter and the tears, all at the same time
fun and joy, you were my only sibling
my best friend
you were all i had
not one day have i treated you bad in anyway
yes, there were days when you were mad
sometimes you threw me with things
but you were the baby
you still are
i sit and think of you… trying not to see all that as only a memory
the pain i feel in my heart is unexplainable
tears streaming down my face
as i miss you dearly
a month has passed and i haven’t seen your face
people gossip and ask questions i dont know answers to
the stories i hear from people i thought cared
im in total disgrace
where can you be
we tried all we could
salts of pain are all i have
salts of pain on my pillow case
weeping…day by day
still i don’t see a way
hope i find in my salts of pain
light i see in my salts of pain
never will i stop till you are home where you belong
salts of pain healing my heart
salts of pain i can’t believe we are apart

My Sister… I Love You

To you,
i love you so much i hope you love me too,
you always cheer me up when i feel blue,
you always have to remember i love you.

To you,
our love is always true between me and you,
i just want you to know that it is true,
i even love you when your stuck to the telly like glue!

To you,
you may be mardy nearly all the time,
but this is my me to you rhyme,
i hope you have noticed the time,
i know you needn’t mime,
but you don’t care because i love you!

I Miss You

Dear Sister,

I remember your name,
I remember your face,
I remember your style,
And your different taste.

I remember our fights,
I remember our laughs,
I remember our arguments, for the silly little tops.

I remember the times we spent together,
I remember the times we avoided each other,
I remember the times we slept under the moon,
counting the stars like funny little fools.

I remember the days you kissed me,
I remember the days you slapped me,
But then I thought your decision was right,
to move to a hostel, for both of us to spend peaceful nights.

But my nightmare started right there,
When I waved you a goodbye,
With no one to fight and no one to laugh,
I shed tears longing for you to come back.

I remember each moment I spent alone,
I remember the terrible situations I couldn’t handle,
I remember each time that I longed to see a shooting star,
to wish for you to come back.

I remember each time that I hesitated to tell you,
I remember each time when I longed for you to read my mind,
Now, that I feel it’s ‘now or never’,
Here comes the truth that I always wanted to tell you,
‘I terribly miss you! ! ’

Sister Chelie

Chelie was born under the sign of Virgo.
Her charm, she always wears to boost her ego.
Evidently, she cares a lot for her beauty
Like to wear makeup even if there’s no party.
In her simple way, she’s a loving sister to me
Even though sometimes she throws pillow at me.

My sister Chelie married a man
A man she loves with all her heart
Yes, she’s just like me with so much love to give.
Oh I pray to God to bless her with a baby
Rich in beauty & healthy, a girl or a boy may be
End her loneliness for she dream to be a mother someday
So she will be happy completely the way she deserves to be.

Reaching Out

I kept pretty much to myself
when you ask how i’m doing
i wish i could tell you
but i’ve always been careful
not to let you take
my problems on board
and make it your own
i never want you to worry
i never want to be a burden
but yes,of course
i wish i could tell you
about the pain and sorrow
i have inside
so many times i wish
to tell you how sad i am
how i wish i have your shoulder
to lay on
your ear to listen
to what i have to say
when i’m feeling down
i wish i can decide
how you addresses me
on over time your enterests,
like,and dislike
change to match my mine
i wish that you could read
my body language
and you’ll agree with me
i wish i could hear you say
good fortune in my search
for a new stories to tell
and then again i wish
you’ll love me as much
and you’ll forever holding me tight.

Wishes On Rakhi – For My Brother

It’s for my new born brother
Remembering every day
No matter what I’ve said
Here’s what I’d like to say

I will always love you
Will be with you till the end
When no one else is around
I will be your friend

I love my brother
and I always will
I’m proud to be your sister
that’s how I feel

And someday when we will be far away
And the miles keep us apart
I shall whisper :
I love my brother
And you’ll know it in your heart

I thank the God up there,
He gave me a brother like you,
What more can I ask for,
There is no one like you.

Best Friend


you are my shadow
you are my light
you are who makes
my life so bright.

you are my hug
you are my tear
you are who makes
my day to cheer.

you are the topping
of my chocolate cake
my solitary life
worthful who make.

you do not need
to be anyone to pretend
yes,yes you are,
you are my best friend.


“Ate” is what I called her
Rich in beauty inside of her
Lovely is the day when I’m with her
Even the nights are better
Never did she allow anyone to hurt me
In her sweet little hugs and kisses
End each day with such a giggles.

My sister is shy, sweet and simple
And not to mention, she hates to have a pimple!
You surely like her if you’ve known her as I am
Over the years she surely keep our secret
Rest is history as a penny in my pocket
End of the story for I can’t say any
Sure is that she’s the best sister to me and to many…