Sad Poems - Page 5

I Have Had Enough

Oh God!i will explode
If i don’t distance
Myself from you
You really push things too far
You instantaneously become
Problem to overly
Caring friends
Yakking away in the same topic
That absolutely bores to death
Your never ending complain
As you struggle
To feel at home and
Blaming other people
For your own failure
I am constantly getting sucked
Into your no consideration
Attitude with no respect
For friends
Wake up before
Every one will run away
As i am beginning to be
Because i have had enough.

Still Remember The Day…

I still remember the day,
When you glanced & turned me grey,
You thought me to be special,
But I waved it as usual…
Nothing could you find but plead
And this made my heart bleed…
When I was in vain,
You felt the pain…
Nothing could I forget,
But I’m not to regret…

Sitting Alone

Why do I always have to sit alone?
My sadness is just like a damage in cyclone

Why does this sadness give me a fear
Like if I have lost someone very dear

Sitting alone and rocking on the chair
Is there someone who’ll show me a little care?

My sadness is just like if I had a fight
Everyone watching me standing alone under deep sunlight

Is there anyone who could see me cry?
This kind of life is just like a bheja fry

My Last Breath

Countdown begins, just left with 1 year
But still I’m totally glad coz your presence is here
But still I am very sad
Coz you’ll forget that a friend like me you ever had

I’m just left with 1 month
But I’m still happy I have your faith
But still I’m very curious
Coz no response from your side have made me curious

I’m just left with 1 week
I still have much things to seek
Would I be able to succeed?
Will you hold my hand when I’m in need?

I’m just left with 1 day
Nothing left except to pray
To make you understand my feelings in this last moment
But I’m sure it would be like the previous days that easily went

I’m just left with my last breath
The time is just beside my death
My tears just left inside that I can’t trace
As I just passed of without seeing your face

Empty Street

Walking on the empty street
walking with an empty minnd
met a person who was very kind
felt like i reached my destination
cos he was admiration
everyday became a source of inspiration
on a fine day somebody came
but she is not to be blame
it was from that day
i lost him in every way
Alas! he was gone
leaving me all alone
and i standing alone on my feet
in the lonely empty street………..

I Doted On To Give

Reaching out to help
I doted on to give
To give more than
What i have and need
I doted on to give
And did the things i did
Never did i suspect
That my effort were not
Acknowledge and recognize
I doted on to give
Yet when it comes to my own
No one a helping hand
I doted on to give
You would say
That i expect too much
But you need to be in my shoes
To feel the void i face
And the denial of my sacrifice
Is difficult to take.


the nevers in life
are endless.
he wont ask me out
he still loves his ex
he has a girl
he just dumped me
he is popular
he dont like me
he wants to kill me…
for you theres only one…
“you hurt me so
bad and i have a
broken heart that
can never be
fixed again
and the scars of your
name carved into
every bit of skin i could”
ive had many
therepists but
theres only one
that i really want…

i died inside
when you pulled
me close to say
you loved
someone else..
and not me..
and no one
can ever see
me again
not even you
i am
locked away
trying to escape
insanity and
i dont belong..
and never have
and youll
never come save me
from hell and
the never ending shadows
killing me..
theres only
three words
ill never be
able to say to
you again…
“I love you.”


Struck in da marsh of mean,
drenched deep,unable to free.
selfish people,oodles of greed,
swarm of two faces is all i see.

Honey glued phrases filling in,
back stabbing,a trend, seems to be.
anywhere,everywhere,loneliness pours in,
a day wid loved ones is all i need.

To Be Alone

Sometimes it so nice
To just be alone
When there was enough time
To just be yourself
And enjoy that quiet moment
Thought that was right
If you have your way
To just be alone
When all you wanted
Is some breathing space
The matter of choosing
When all you wanted to do
Is to just be alone
To have sometime of your own
To keep far apart from others
And enjoy your comfort zone
But there are just those times
When all you wanted to do
Is to just be alone
Yet sometimes it hard to do
When others felt alone too
And you’re the only one
They thought for company
When all you want to do
Is to just be alone.


Woke up in a nightmare,
Saw nothing was left there.
Walking in empty spaces
Of what used to be familiar faces.
All this time I’ve spent away,
Searching through my decay,
Everything had changed into a place i can no longer stay.
All the ones I held so dear,
They all ran in fear.
I never realized what I was becoming,
The inner hell that I was summoning.
I thought it hid so deep in me,
Didn’t know anyone could see what i see.
Maybe they couldn’t,
Maybe they only smelled my disease.
I kick up dust of what used to be lust,
I walk past the pile of broken trust.
I see the blood stains from all my re-opened cuts.
This place I walk through sends shivers down my spine,
It’s the remainders of all my wasted time.
All the love I gave that was never returned,
Only thing left is the heart she broke and burned.
All I see is destruction and death,
This is what all my anger and hate left.
The feelings I shoved so far down,
They exploded and burnt this whole mother fucker to the ground.
The depression that was locked away,
Because of the pills I took each and every day,
It built on itself till it broke out its cage,
And all of that turned to rage.
At that stage
I let the dark side take my place,
Let it drive and it destroyed every single thing that ever brought me peace.
Any chance at happiness was ceased.
The weight that i carried on my back,
Eventually became too much,
I finally cracked.
The feet that had brought me this far,
They stopped,
They gave up,
I couldn’t run,
I was left to self-destruct.
Watched myself die from the inside,
Everyday and there was nothing I could do,
Nothing I could say.
My words no longer said anything,
they didn’t make a sound
And in the attempt to pass through the air they drowned.
So as the world passed me by,
I stood comatose waiting for the day I finally died.
If anyone would have stopped and took the time,
Stared into my eyes,
They could have seen the war within,
The pain that was hidden.
If anyone cared to understand
Why I was the way I was and didn’t
Think I was an ass just cause
Maybe someone could have saved me
But months went by and I slowly died,
The better me lost strength and faded away,
The dark me finally won the battle.
Everywhere I looked I saw the destruction that would be done.
The world I made was gone
All I worked so hard to be,
Was taken away faster than I could see.
Every cry that i made before I was silenced,
You ignored.
I said this hurt,
And you did it more.
You cry because of what I became.
It’s a shame that all the good I had,
didn’t ever have a chance.
And all the romance I held inside,
I gave it a try,
And she let it die,
Killed it with every single lie.
I had stab wounds all up and down my back,
Because of them my veins collapsed.
You can all now relax,
I’m leaving this place,
Like I left my past..
No matter how long I leave,
I always come back…