Sad Poems - Page 3

To Pause and Think

Did you ever stop for a second
To put yourself in my shoes?
Trust matter and deep down
I do mind
Did you ever stop for a second
When all you could think and see
Is the worst in me?
It’s tough enough
Not having ears to listen
Not having eyes to see
Not having a shoulder to lean on
And depending on your own
With too much indignity
Mockery.judgement and rejection
From people that gone worst to bad
Did you ever stop for a second
To think that I could be happier
Taking my own advice
Rather than going against my gut instinct conforn
What others wants best for me?
Did you ever stop for a second
To put yourself in my shoes?
And try to understand
It matters not if you can’t help
I’m simply unable to do
And counting my blessings
I don’t need sympathy
For I am not disable or different abled
But did you ever stop for a second
To put yourself in my shoes?
I don’t need sympathy
Trust matters
When moral and perceive understanding
And deep down that would be
Most appreciated
Did you ever…

I’m Sorry

Today is very, very cold.
I sit alone under the sky,
Remember everything you told
And I don`t know I want to cry…
I want to cry because of you,
Because I want to be not yours,
Because some special words I knew
And they will get me new curios.
Because I stay with own mind,
Because it is so bright and shy.
I need not help, I`m really tired…
I want to rest, I want to try…
I always ask my own soul:
Why have I lost my happy mood?
Why couldn’t I somebody call?
And still in darkness lonely stood?
All days and nights will pass away,
All problems die when I go sleep…
I want to say “Please, don`t go, stay!”
But just on keyboard fingers flip…
I thank you much that you by me
And ask you – please, forgive my heart.
I close my eyes… It used to be
You are my friend not soul part…


Please see the tears in my eyes
Falling down when I cry
Each drop having depth inside
Each drop filled with pain on each side
But people notice it in the form of water
So they don’t give it sympathy but torture

Please feel the beating of my heart
You would only hear love shouting from each part
It would fall in love whenever you’ll tell
As it is the part of my body no one can ever sell
It would only show you hope in every beat
But would shout in joy when lovingly you’ll treat

Please treat the loneliness of my soul
Due to sadness its turning black like coal
Just lost in this unknown world wandering around
But no awesome person like it was ever found
No matter what happens it’s still filled with love
Till we meet together again in the heaven above

Tears I’ve got

Only faded memories are left behind, those golden faces are lost.
They lied like and did like am blind, their deeds made my memories exhaust.
I still love them, I recall the memories lost, I do now, what they liked a lot.
I can pay myself to get them back, more than this what they can cost.
With a little love of theirs, back on track, everything can be brought.
They persist, me to stay away, by loving them, nothing than tears I’ve got.

From Numb To Plumb

I am waiting for a killer to come.
I can’t feel my own pain, even am not numb.
I can’t feel beauty of any charming.
I am just stable, looking for me to get hung.
I only see sans reason tears falling.
I find only people becoming alive succumb.
I know these are nothing effecting.
I want somebody to come & make me plumb.

Lost …

Defeatd, heart brokn ,,
I’m tird, lost it all ..
No one to share ,, no one cares ,,
cn’t tolerate more ,,
Ds lonelyness ,, it bn so long ..

Da killng silnce
Da useless effrts
Neva endng tears
helpless hopeless talks

Sands of tym running lik a big sea’s waves ,,
Diminishng d hppy imprints far far away ..
Days & Nights pass ,, darkeness stays ,,
Painful blues ,, hurt all along da way ..

Smilng outside ,, inside I’m cryng ,,
Mis da gud old tyms ,, oh! I’m dyng ..
Lyf’s bullyng ,, ech step slaps hard ,,
cravng for sm wrmth ,, its bn so cold & harsh ..

I Love U With All My Heart And Soul…

No words can express my FEELINGS….
That how much I MISS U everyday….
Day by day the loneliness grows….
How I MISS U…..nobody knows….
No one knows my SORROW…
No one sees my WEEP…
Bcz everyday,I’ve to pretend
I’ve to a fake smile…
I’ve to a fake laugh…
I’ve to pretend everything is OKAY…..when ITS NOT…..

U told me,thar U loved me….
So why did u LEFT ME…..
I told u, I’ll never Leave U…
I kept my promise,but u didn’t…
Everyday, I sit and wonder
Why I MISS U…why I LOVE U…
But I found no reason,the LOVE I’VE FOR U….

Now I just can’t keep quite anymore….
So I’ll tell U everything,that

Three Old Companions

Three pairs of old legs
and three strong sticks,
everyday have a stroll,
in every dynamic evening,
when the sun is brick red,
and the chirping birds returning home.

They don’t know what gifts the morning sun,
has for them, on the next day,
for it is known,
nothing less than death
and nothing more than
another day’s wait,
for the ever awaiting death.
“My daughter in law today
gave me a single piece of fish
but herself had two instead”
said the oldest folk with the weakest legs,
but with the strongest stick.
The other old man said,
“I had none,
but I suspect they had some”.
The thinnest old man said,
”My son didn’t get promotion,
So my daughter in law,
gave me a day’s starvation.”
A gush of wind interrupted their talk.
All the twelve old eyes saw the dry leaves,
being swayed away by the young and fresh wind.
“See the message of the time,
The old being eliminated,
at the onset of the young”.
One of them said.

Then they returned
to their respective homes,
looking at the returning birds,
returning back into the horizon.
Together the old men said,
“Hope we shall meet tomorrow
at the same time, at the same place”.
The next day,
the morning sun shined brick red.
The chirping returning birds
brought in its wake, the fateful evening.

From the road along the east,
came the strongest old man,
from the Western avenue,
came the other old man.
While along the south on the road,
nobody except a torrent of wind came,
which swayed the dry leaves into the sky,
and the dust into their old eyes.
One of them said,
“Look our eldest brother deceived us
and went away together,
with the soul of the withered leaves,
terminating his wait.
But, we still have to wait.
Hope to see you next evening,
at the same time, at the same place.”

All By My Self ..

This intolerable loneliness, never felt before ..
Blues so deep, cant stand anymore ..

No one to talk, the silence is killing ..
My heart pains, each heartbeat it screams ..

I wanna love, I wanna laugh ..
I wanna play, I wanna hug ..

Oh! so dark, can’t breathe in now ..
All by myself, I cry & shout ..

The brightness outside, amplifying my sadness ..
These four walls, echoing my helplessness ..

Wat did I do, I don’t know ..
Wt I did’nt do, I dun know ..

Why am I a left out,
Even still I can not figure ..

All strength lost, feels so painful & weak ..
Need a hand to hold, shoulder to lean ..

A friend to share any mood,
Just one that I ask for ..

Adding to misery’s, sands of time passed ..
All alone throughout, it has been long ..

If You….then I’ll

If you are right then am right…
if you are wrong then am wrong…

if you are sad then am sad…
if you are happy then am happy…

if you are ok then am ok…
if you cry then i’ll give you my shoulder….

if you do bad then i’ll help you making that good…
if you’ll fail to decide then i’ll try to make you decide…

if you are happy with someone else, then i’ll be happy while living in your memories…