Sad Poems - Page 2

Do U know

I’m dead but have a movable body
do u know…
my first love is with my own coffin
do u know…
coffin waits for me,
like a mother for her son,
I end some part of my life everyday
do u know…


No 1 is mine…
May b???
Im not fine.
No 1 is care for me…
No 1 has tears 4 me.

No 1 understand me…
Every 1 LEAVE me.
When i try to make myself Good…
Every time god send me backfoot.
perhaps taking to me every 1 feeeeeeeel shy..?

To Her Loss One’s

And she stared in beauty eyes
Where sea golf fly to shimmering twilight
While zephyr tickled her to smiles.
But emptiness still linger in her thoughts,
As she remembered them.
Hurriedly she hush her children of shiver.
Like she heard death searching to kill.
And a tears from her eyes fall in the ocean,
In search of scattered ashes, that surf on waves.

When ravens die

~When ravens die,
all crows cry,
children run in fear,
darkness covers all the world,
yet noone seems to hear.


you don’t understand my feelings,
I also not,
You don’t like love, affection & compromises,
I don’t like lies & hate,
You are too busy to be part of sky,
I am too busy to be a part of soil,
You are happy with your towering heights,
I am happy with my deepness,
And that’s the reason
You don’t understand my feelings & I also not……….

It Was You Not I

I’m not the only one
Who thought so
Nor the last
To realise
That when making friends
Are not meant to be
Trusted immediately
I did not have
A shudder of fear
When friends shared their lives
Though I am not for take advantage
But I have a memory about a dream
To how a friend
Can be so cruel
I didn’t recognise the omen
And give my trust without a fear
My heart all bruised
While I’m not rich
Yet a friend with ill intent
And evil inspiration
To cheat my money and my trust
Seemed a serious affection
Too many times
I question why
I let her fled and ignored
The echoes of her steps
Hurried away from me
Refusing to return
Only one thing
I can remember now
Even though like
A thousand knives stabbing me
Thank you for all
That you’ve done
It somehow teach me
The value of trust
And make me a better person
The pain was long gone
But the hurt still there
I no longer worry or regret
I still walk humbly and proud
That it was you
Not I…


My life is complicated,
so is yours.
But it hurts the most,
when you say its only bcz of mine.

I trust you blindly,
so close we were.
So much love it was,
yet you move so swiftly.

The pain i am geting,
would not be able to bear.
maybe the notice of my death,
You might hear.

For every single thing,
i am at blame,
i dnt know why you think,
I am so lame.

I did love you,
and i always do.
Do find a space,
where it is just me and you.

Straight From My Heart

i wondr wn did it strt ..
whn wz da frst tym ..
wt ws d first ingridient ,,
tat ignitd the sprk ..
dunt recolct da momnts d date n tym ..
itz bn so long ..
da memrys,, i do rmmbr all ..
frm all d tyms wen,,
thru ds i hv gone ..
though cnt undstnd y still ,,
is it coz m fat or bcos i m dwarf ..
or probably i m jus anthr,,
big dumb ass fool ..
lukng for a showr of lov pool ..
bulk of emotns overpwrng neglignt brain,,
suppressd feelngs nd dezires fightng –
claimng to com on surface..
fed up of sayng fed up..
givng up frm being tird nd defeated..
cnt fight myslf anymore, dnt evn hv sm1 to fight wit..
bn quite a period sinc i lost it all,,
dnt feel lik dng nythg be it wat ..
no more hopes,, no more wishes ,,
jus wnt to cry my heart out ..

Hopes ..

u sed,, “hope u’d call” ,, && hung up ..
Jus triggrd a wave of sad angr ..
i also hope .. u knw ..
evryday i hope to grw thinr ,,
hope wont b alone any longr ..
hope to do sm certifictn soon ,,
hope ofc wrk progresses too ..
hope to hv sm frnz ,, nt mny bt few ..
evn hopd 2 meet ur gang ,,
hang aroun for a whle ,, a day or two ..
hd also hoped tht u’d cm to see me smtym ,,
or may b atlst wlcm whn i pushd dirctly ..
dnt knw y .. bt u also ignord ,, lik all tha othrs do ..
u wre mah new hope && i realy didnt xpct mch too ..
A few moments of carefree tlks ,, &&
a frnz’ suport to linger on ..
i hope tnsns sinc long wud disolv soon ..
hope a day cms in my lyf wen my frstrtn levl lightns n falls a levl or few ..
hope for sm minutes,, smday ,, dre d b sm thng for whch my rumy wnt crib ,,
hope dre wd b a tym,, wn evry thrd prsn stops lukng 4 sm excuses to argue ..
hope i ‘ d get marryd soon ,,
hope my lovd ones bcum hpyy too ..
i alws write ~ hope to smile nd laugh wit few ,,
wtch a muvi or party n njoy in a mnth or two ..
unfortunatly my hopes dont cum tru ,,
bt,, as u hoped ,, i’l cal u soon ..

Alone ..

A loner i m ,, neva wntd 2 b ..
It hz bn long ,, wil it alws b ??
All by myslf night nd day ,,
My lyf’s ful of dismay ..
I laugh & play .. slp n shout ,,
I sing ,, i whine ,, i dance ,, i cry ..
Wanna chat wit few ,,
Wanna smile at sm ..
All i wnt 2 do ,,
iz hang out wd othr folks ..
Lik muvis & malls .. beaches & prks 2 ,,
‘d luv 2 prank ,, and ,, at tyms ,,
get into deep dark thots too ..
Untold wishes subdued .. batllng 2 flow out ,,
Who do i tel ,, iz neone bothrd .. ??
Lyk da calm b4 a storm ,,
Feels pain my hurt heart ..
Chatterng ,, Cribbng ,, Pretndng ,, Prayng ,,
I ‘m tird nd beatn nw ..
Need sme cmpny 2 party aroun ,,
A frnd 2 gosip .. a shouldr 2 lean on ..
Da ubearble kilng silnce .. cnt stnd more ,,
Cravng for sm luv .. alon i m lost ..
Li’l display of affectn .. nd
bits of fun & frolic ,,
iz all i dream of ..