Patriotic Poems

India patriotic poem

Punjab for fighting
Banglore for writing
Delhi for duty
Kashmir for beauty
Mysore for silk
Haryana for milk
Kerala for brain
U.P. for grains
Orissa for temples
Himanchal for apples
State for unity
India for intergrity

patriotic poem

punjab for fighting
banglore for writing
delhi for duty
kashmir for beauty
rajasthan for history
mysore for silk
haryana for milk
kerala for brain
u.p. for grains
orissa for temples
himanchal for apples
state for unity
india for intergrity

Manny Pacquiao

As a young boy,
He lived in extreme poverty
And worked as a construction boy.
Even though there were no foods to offer
On the table and being a boxer
Was the only way to feed his family,
He never lost his faith in God Almighty.
Not a single day he missed to pray.
Until one day,
He discovered his special gifts.

In the sport of boxing today,
He’s a pound-for-pound king.
Within the ring,
People called him “The Beast”
‘Cause many boxing legends had tried their best
As they’d promised to defeat “The Beast.”
But none of them came to close.
By his powerful hands and blind speeds,
they’d suffered the shocking loss.

Manny Pacquiao is an all-time-great,
A philanthropist,
“The Nation’s Fist,”
“The Fighting Pride of the Philippines,”
“The Fighting Congressman,”
The “Pac-Man,”
“The Mexicutioner,”
“The Destroyer,”
An actor,
A singer,
A prizefighter,
A “Fighter of the Decade,”
And an eight-division world champion.
He is my pride!


Indian States

Punjab For Fighting
Banglore For Writing
Delhi For Duty
Kashmir For Beauty
Rajasthan For History
Mysore For Silk
Haryana For Milk
U.P. For Grain
Kerala For Brain
Himanchal For Apples
Orissa For Temples
State For Unity
India For Integrity

India Is My Country

India is my country
we all are its boundary
we have to protect it from terrorist robbery

India is my country
we live here with peace
we don’t want piece
which will separate us from each
India is my country

we have the temple of gold
we have body such a bold
we will defeat our enemy who will come in our peaceful road.

Patriotic Poem

Many people don’t remember
That awful eleventh of September
When not knowing what was going on
Would mean war when those towers were gone

Then came the cry of “Why?”
When they saw people falling from the sky
A beautiful day turned to gray
Loved ones and strangers knew they had to pray

Everyone then started screaming
While others wished they were dreaming
Lives were turned upside down
As the debris fell all around

Rescue workers worked day and night
As our soldiers got prepared to fight
They all knew what they had to do
As many lost their lives for the Red, White and Blue

Americans wanted to know who to blame
Many came up with the same name
Whether or not you believe
Bush says we ain’t coming home till the jobs achieved

Flags were flown at half staff
As the parents hope they don’t bring back the draft
Everyone then became Patriotic
Now you look around and think “How ironic?”

There were many heroes at that time
Coming together after this unthinkable crime
Firemen, Policemen, Military and many others
Working side-by-side like sisters and brothers

Have You Forgotten, Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning, and Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
Were a few songs that rang true
Now lets stand tall for the Liberty Bell
And those Dixie Chicks can rot in Hell

With not much else left to say
God Bless the USA

No Body Really Knows

Who’s to say between you and i
who’s right or wrong
so many silly little words
theres enough gossip,back stabbing
and bitching
to character assasinate
the entire universe
of all the wrong
jealousy seem to be always
the guest of honor
from different point of view
who’s to say who’s right or wrong
it dont really make sense
within our little world
when no body really knows
how life goes on
oh,the sake of mankind
instead of simply be considerate
and enjoy the the world
where suppose to be respect
is valued
yet it’s always fall behind.


When the sun comes ,nature smiles
when the moon comes, darkness cries
But at happy and sorrow ,at misery and grievence you are their mother following like the shadow all the way looking after me till the grave
the beauty of my mother land is none compared to anyother land
the purity of ypur love is more precious than sacred amruta
the kindness of your heart cannot be expressed as the universe is vast
GOD should hate ,having created you so great
the diamond that shines becomes lazy before your eyes
But today the glogy of my mother ,becoming prey for other
everyone have their way,vampires have their sway
none to see your welfare,everywhere became warfare
BUT………………MOTHER……….. my eyes ,search for you
my mind thinks of you
and my heart ,beats for you ………….. forever……………forever……..
jai hind