Nature Poems - Page 3

The Waves

The waves touch the shore
As if they want something more.
Some are silent, some are noisy,
Some are happy while other are drowsy.
Few tell us their stories full swing
While others hide in their hearts everything .
They take along with them
The golden sand and colorful gems (shells)..
They give and take them life
To the blue sea not to the knife
It looks as if heaven has fallen on Earth
For a new birth.
Holiday, holiday,
No work, only play,
Throughout the day;
Now the holiday are over,
The burden of exams has started to hover,
Still i want to play,
But mom says work more and less play,
Papa says work while you work and play while you play,
This is right way…………….

This poem was written/submitted by Paramjeet Singh

The Rain

I am blessed again, to hear the rain.
Its tin-roof chatter, drums terrain
While droplets pepper windowpanes.
Between such bouts, life breathes again.
Trite verse, reflects in warm refrain
And strongly marks in human vein
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Stiff winds spawn sisters to the rain
These cyclone-progeny sustain
Swaying blooms that pock the plains.
While whole-blood kin can not restrain
Or dull the edge of nature’s pain
Neither dams nor sloughs can long retain
The blessed rain … the blessed rain.

Sun oft does battle with the rain,
This thunderous tryst ignites the chain
As powers meld, their difference wanes
Now nimbus’ tempests spread their reign
The rainbow’s radiance explains
The essence of our lives remains,
The blessed rain … our blessed rain


The whole world was on the horizon,
The river Teesta down below,
Trickling and meandering to its long awaited destination.
Undergoing the steep hilly shadow.

Birds were chirping to an old familiar song.
Alike the cheerful music boxes in the tree.
Wind whistling through the dead trees along
Alike waves shattering upon the shore in wee.

Every region was white;
The raven was accustomed to sing.
White was the ravine;
From the assault of the wind trees but was on swing.

Fresh rainbow
Alike cleanliness just after a long rainfall amidst of allspice.
Spring flowers smell strong in deep owe,
Alike I’m lying on a bed of Paradise.

Far Away From The Madding Crowd

Getting further away from home
Nothing other than excitement dwells in monochrome
as I realize I’m about to visit my dream destination
with joy, I’m about to cry in thrill’s excavation.

Getting closer to the hill
knitting the excitement
My joy is about to spill
my heart pounds in my chest in contentment.

Getting closer to the place I dream
My heart beats in exhilaration in its esteem
With every mile, I’m getting close
Rejoice pounds in enclose.

When I see you-Kanchenjunga, the queen of the mountains
it will feel like old times reigning in its monarchial fountain.
I would love to stay in its Eternity
Ceasing the overshadowing of the modernity.


I found you there one early morn,
Your petals all dipped with dew,
Fresh captured beauty newly born,
All fragrant pure and new.

I stood there atop the hill,
To look into your face,
And for a moment time stood still,
Arrest from life’s embattled race.

To tarry for a moment’s rest,
To search in deep concern,
In passing days I must confess,
There is much for me to learn.

I thought of how God cares for you,
And how He cares for me,
Of how He gave you life anew,
Each spring when natures free.

You grow among the rocks and thorns,
That’s scattered round about,
And close beside a path is worn,
By travelers, there’s no doubt.

Some fail to see you blooming there,
While passing close beside,
They cannot see the life so fair,
In Him they do not confide.

My troubles now seem far away,
Since I have stood a while,
The sun is out to start the day;
I’ll lift my head and smile.

And know within, let come what may,
I’m ready for each and every hour,
He showed me how to start each day,
Yes simply through a flower.


Our life is like a tiny star
Reigning in the Universe like a Czar
It s a passage of time ,in a field of rally,
pulsating, blinking on and off in the alley.

Our bio is like a comet; always in collide
with new unpredictable mystery
The infinite possibilities will create a history
struggling for identity and fulfillment with pride.

Romance of RA(SUN) And THOT(MOON)

End of the day
No other way
Mr. Sun goes to hide
Lady Moon shines with pride

After sun burns
Moonlight turns
Never ending ritual
Life’s marital or burial

Moon wants to meet her love
Which is the ever sun above
Lady Moon drops her endless tears
As millions of glittering stars
End of the night
Dawn’s beautiful sight

Moon must fade
Sun tunes His trade
Sun seems to sparkle with love
Like a huge golden dove

Moon’s ever dark sadness
Sun’s eternal light gladness
Twists up a never ending story of above
Of an impossible love.

Divine Nature

Aside the stream I dream in calm delight, and
watch as in a glass,
How the cloudlets like crowds of snowy-hued and
white-robed maidens pass,

And the water into ripples breaks and sparkles
as it spreads,
Like a host of armored knights with silver
helmets on their heads.

A cloud fell down from the heavens,
And broke on the mountain’s brow;
It scattered the dusky fragments
All over the vale below.

The moon and the stars were anxious
To know what its fate might be;
So they rushed to the azure opening,
And all peered down to see.

And I deem the stream an emblem fit of human
life may go,
For I find a mind may sparkle much and yet
but shallows show,
And a soul may glow with myriad lights and
wondrous mysteries,
When it only lies a dormant thing and mirrors
what it sees.

Help Against Nature

I met the cocoon, moving through the forest;
Next to then the gale subsist still and everything was at rest.
It was struggling to come out;
But there was no solitary listening to its unspeakable shout,
And I lend a hand to take it out.
I incise one part of the cocoon;
The tiny exposed so on.
Three suns and moons I observed it;
But neither could it fly nor could it sit.
I couldn’t craft the reasons for it;
That why it couldn’t fly and why it couldn’t sit.
I presume the help out was against nature;
This abated its forces in its wings and get it boast a dark future.


The splendid time of the day comes forth on,
When the sun sets sliding all evidences
Of the whole day has gone.

Thereby comes ‘The Queen of the Time”—— who reigns,
With all fascinations of thy games.
Transcending the intensity of the day’s din and bustle;
Thou dwell in thy silent, joyous castle.

In my noon day dreams, I find your invincible beauty;
Oh! ‘My Queen’! Believe this credibility.
After a tiresome day, when all fall fast asleep,
Thou seem to me as a fresh tulip.

Now, farewell dear, it is going to be dawn….
I will meet you again after the day’s mourn.