Nature Poems

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Tuning High

On a sunny day
I went out yeay
Took the country route
In my fishing boots

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Life’s a funny game
You ought a play
When nothing’s at stake
‘Ts all about the way

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Stars in the sky
Dreams in my eyes
No win no loose
You gotta choose

On a sunny day
I went out yeay

Singing with the wind
Dancing in the waves
Gonna fly to the moon
Am lost far away

On a sunny day
I went out yeay
Took the country route
In my fishing boots


Rain dear my rain
come again and again
all the leaf wash
and the peacock dance
may the rainbow come
and make us happy.

My Umbrella

My dear umbrella
where are you
its been a few days
am so much missing you

you were there for me
every where all the time
so many months
some years may be

are you permanently gone?
forever lost and never found?
my heart aches, cant take
not seeing you around

so very helpful and handy
you had been to me
there in my memories
you would always be


The clock has chimed
And the tree outside started
Shedding its leaves
Like some decidous tree
Its leaves has never
Dropped so much before
It become uglier and
Certainly quieter
Because no birds ever chipped
It has always been
An ever green tree…
The tree has too much memories
And the saddest part
Was watching the tree
Being chopped down for fire wood…

Ambitious Heart

Though too young
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Wishing the wind will blow me out
To a place I long to be
Blinded by the spirit
Of ambitious heart
I find no reason to laugh.
No reason to talk
Or like anyone
I used to sit alone
Wondering.complaining with why’s
Like a song constantly
Rings in my head
Endless singing.dreams singing
Destiny speaking to leave this place
And find where the sun is set
I’d even dreamt I would never
To return again
But my curious and ambitious heart
Camping out under the starry sky
Was actually a damp
and eerie experiences
Inconvenience and loneliness
But mostly loneliness
That made me think of home
I have been here sitting alone
At my usual desk
Staring at my pen and blank paper
Though it was the main reason
Of my ambitious heart
It’s like a magic
That reminds me of home
And suddenly I felt
An enormous sense of lost
I’m going home.I said
But now that I’m home again
I sit alone still
Wondering.complaining with why’s
But this time
It’s a different songs that rings
A full of regret
That while I was busy
Chasing dreams the beautiful
Serenely of home
It’s not the same like it use to be…

Cabitnungan River

Has lost it’s life
Where the horses.the cows and
The water buffalo’s?
Where are the big rocks?
Where’s the little kids
Playing by the river side?
Catching little fishes and little crabs
Where’s the hanging bridge?
Where are the ladies washing clothes?
Where’s the boatmen and tuggers
That brave the sun.
The wind and the rain?
These anglers have come with hooks.
Sitting by the paradisiacal little shore
Fishing and reading books
Listening to the water whisper
Listen the fish tugging at the lines
Distracting lovers with two minds
Where is the smudgy swirl of the river
That used to swallow
fish and crabs alive?
The swimmers and shy picnickers
Carous in the sun
As life’s quarter spun it’s wheel
While the town has changed
The river has become sad
But with uneasy balanced
The folks are still the same
And all that they seem to be
And all that they seem to me
Are all that they seem to be
In all that they seem to do
Sigh.standing here at the middle
Of a large bridge
I feel my skin like a hide
My tongue as dry as dust
Gone are the beautiful nature
As the sad water flows on
To the Atlantic?Pacific Ocean?
Straight of Cagayan valley? just flows on.discharging
The wastes.the sorrows and sadness
Of human abjectness…


The stillness of the floral profusion,
in the land of imagination.
The coolness of the holy moonlight.
The silent twinkling of the cosmic stars.
The silence in the glen of greenery.
The silence in the heavenly fragrance,
filling the whole ambience,
emanating from the happy flowers in spring.
The silence that spreads ,
when the courageous buds shoot up
to romance with the glen of greenery,
from their buried rot stocks,
destroying all slumber.
The silence in the divinity.
The silence of the infinity.
The silence of the brick red horizon at dusk,
predicts beauty being beautified by silence,
speaking the versatility of silence,
in the ever changing world.


The fragrant peace is difficult to achieve,
The gong of time clicks,
to start a struggle,
struggle for the glorifying survival.
The wasp ready with its stings.
The eagle and the felidae with their claws.
The nectar is the victim,
piercing eyes, looking to grip the innocent mouse.
The bright sunlight aiding the struggle,
marking the end of the war of survival at sunset.
Birds returning to their respective camps,
like a retreating army.
The night’s stillness again preparing them,
to begin the struggle again,
when the sun showers his sparkling rays,
the dancing rays of creation,
the harbinger of struggle.

With Depressed Eyes

The birds I see in the azure sky,
appear as a victim in the hand of pride.
They even see us with depressed eyes!
Who is there to bribe and seduce,
The hunter’s pride, that is always upright.

Still they fly in the vast blue sky,
seeing the world with depressed eyes.
They respect the red angry sun,
which helps them in their nutrition,
and at sunset, they vanish from my vision,
with helpless worms in their proud beaks,
passing in between the mighty sun’s teeth,
merging into the horizon as red as the brick.

Beautiful World

This world is so beautiful, like an enigmatic smile,
If the world is so much beautiful, then how beautiful the creator would be,
He made this world perfect, from his side, no defect.
Beautiful than beautiful, Diamonds in the mines are with crazy shine.
He made the faces black and white, But still very fine,
He created hard and soft, man the perfect, Nature’s care then taken should be,
Today the man is running very fast, had he any time.
(c.k as Oliver)