Mother poems - Page 2

In Term Of Business Women

Has noteworthy ring to it
When your a business women
You’re dynamic strong and independent
The difinition of a women
My mother was a business women
She worked around the clock
And was on her feet from dawn to dusk
These days we prefer
To be called enterpreneurs
A term my mother wouldn’t have bothered
With back in the days
As long as her business
Put food on the table
And a roof on top our head
In term of “SWOT” analysis
Diversified frofolio
And brand positioning
from university is what
Most people believe
That will make you a business women
Looking back what she did
I think what has gotten her
To her particular mantra
Was her secret weapon
Strength to strength
With passion,good intention and
Enthusiasms with her
Necessary work ethic
What interesting to note
Indeed she did a great job
As an example for her children
Not to afraid of hardwork
To be passionate and be creative
To have the initiative that
People respond well
She made it to the point
If we are motivated to achieve something
There is simply isn’t room
For laziness having the desire
To do something and actually
Having the energy and decipline
To do is two two different matters
Today i am a business women
Or rather an enterpreneurs
To adapt and work hard
The way my mother used to be
In term of business women.


All those wonderful things you’ve given me;
In my sorrowful night, you’re always my light.
Delighted to have you as my mother
For you to me, the greatest mother ever!


They r only friends
and sons,loving
they care about mom
respect mom sometime
orderd mom sometime take
order from mom
understand mom
without saying a word
they give u right advise
sometimes take ur advise
sometimes get mad
sometimes happy
they r lucky in life
and upgrade old mom
with knowledge
they r awesome
their coming in
here makes me happy
farewell makes me sad
cause we r like family
and every son has special place

Mother’s love

To be a mother is a magical
and dream fulfilled
the physical and mental
battle to reach a certain stage
being a mother
is the best gift in the planet
it fills you with a deep sense
of unconditional love
you accept the child for he/she is
and you respect him/her
as an individual
a mothers love is ageless
unconditional and infinite
i salute humanity far more
after that i become a mother
life has been more beautiful
i value it more
and if theres anything i believe in
it’s love
one of the simple thing
i live with my love for my child
love is infinite
it’s beyond physical and human life
so even if i’m dead and gone
i leave my love behind
that’s “free!”

My loving Mom

Though very silent
She is also at times violent .

When I get naughty
She scolds me lightly .

When I get good marks
She gives me good remarks .

She is a teacher
Who seeks good behaviour .

When I am in anger
She fills me with laughter .

When I am hungry
She buys me a bakery .

When I am sad
She soothes me with dad .

Oh my loving mom
She is very calm .

And I am like a cherry
we always make merry .

Mom Poem

take sheltered in mom embrace
to hush up all heart pain n grudge
detached from other images

feel calm down with mom
pulling some clear conclusion
finding heart coolness

your not here now
where i have to stop my step
to find my heart composure

Thank You Mother

I am independent
because you put aside your fear
and allowed me the freedom
to be who i am
and go where i want to go
i am wise
because you made me understand
what you did for me
was what you thought
was the best for me at the time
i am honest
because you corrected me
and not giving up on me
everytime you caught me lying
i am giving
because your difination of love
is to give and serve
whole heartedly
i am strong and optimistic
because i watch you take
every challenge in your stride
no matter how tough it was
inovating whenever
you’ve got the inspiration
thank you mother
for everything you’ve done
i am who i am today
because of you
i love you
loving you every aspect
of your demeanor.

I Love You Mom Have Always Will

Mom i wish im there with you
and your here with me
a desire of togetherness
it’s not the worst thing
or scary
that we live from a distance
but i could not lie from the truth
even if i tried
when i feel all storm
and i feel down
it pushed me to miss you even more
but somehow it gives me
anxiety something to hold and be strong
our distance has taught me
that nine time out of ten
original instinct has been right
to love myself
and the great truth of life
will be hitting me over the head
but i will always be
strong and responsible
to lay assurance
when comes the day
when our eyes and smiles meets again
it can be the simpler thing
i can give you
when you feel an amazing sense of calm
at peace and proud
how you’ve given me love and sacrificed
how i’ve change along the way
thank you Mom for believing
in all my dreams
i miss you
i love you always have always will.

Z’ma Mor (My Mother)

It was a rainy day
Driving back home
The car steered me
Towards you
Your grave…

Can i ever forget
How much you liked the rain?

The white
Marble of your grave
Sparkled like your smile

Every falling drop
Bounced to embrace me

I could feel you, and
how happy you were
But I could also hear you
Say this
Very clearly

“Za Bachiya baraan de (Go my child, it’s raining)
and you don’t have an umbrella”


When the sun comes ,nature smiles
when the moon comes, darkness cries
But at happy and sorrow ,at misery and grievence you are their mother following like the shadow all the way looking after me till the grave
the beauty of my mother land is none compared to anyother land
the purity of ypur love is more precious than sacred amruta
the kindness of your heart cannot be expressed as the universe is vast
GOD should hate ,having created you so great
the diamond that shines becomes lazy before your eyes
But today the glogy of my mother ,becoming prey for other
everyone have their way,vampires have their sway
none to see your welfare,everywhere became warfare
BUT………………MOTHER……….. my eyes ,search for you
my mind thinks of you
and my heart ,beats for you ………….. forever……………forever……..
jai hind