Missing You Poems - Page 5

I Am Not Solitary

When I looked out over the patio tonight I noticed a single star,
With fog so dense you couldn’t see the moon, I new you are not so far.

I stared at you for a while hoping for a reason,
Then realized at that very moment that you weren’t out of season.
You always will be alive in my heart and memories,
And in my silent smiles and cries,
So strong in fact that it has burned a hole in the fog,
Just so that the light of you can keep us warm and protected with a log.

Though night shall fade and day shall come,
I know that you will not have abandoned me a some
For you are now my shadow that guides and protects my day,
I know now that I shall never walk behind and stay.

One would not think to ever hurt me,
For they will see you at my side,
Keeping all the distances abide-
And know that a man of great stature and power protects me.

I will sleep easy tonight,
Knowing that you are there beside me,
When I feel that extra bit of warmth and security at night,
I know it is but your arms wrapped around me.

I am Never Alone,
And You Are Never Forgotten.


It is the time when thou kissed me first on my palm—
Which seemed nothing but a
Comfortable and warm balm.

We were standing on that sea shore
Where I want to go no more..
For, the golden sand and the clusters of those coconut trees
Occur a sort of eternal pang and grieves.

The twilight was dropping its curtain then;
Dear, I know-it occurs everyday and will occur again.
Time marches on with its painful memories
Torturing silently the rest of my days.

But yea, I am profoundly glad
For I never repent..
Thou art no more with me
And siding all sorts of earthly attractions
Sleeping peacefully in thy tomb….
Where I gaze with interminable love
Silently and dumb.

This devotee will obviously will get
The fruit of her devotion,
Whose soul has been stolen-
By thy unfathomable attraction.

Now, ‘o-revoa’ sweetheart
Wait with great patience
For your darling
From the depth of thy heart.

Want You Back

Thought it was love at first sight.
Thought i could’nt live without you in my life.
Say i love you and won’t let go. S
ay I’ll treat you like my queen.
Now i see that all was a lie to get one thing and only one thing.
Now you want me back after all i put up with all was for nothing. So why did i take you back.


As the storm clouds release their brutal rage
i take comfort in the rain
im lost in the shroud of angelic tears
it washes away my pain

each day lasts an eternity
since we had to part
the cruel thoughts then run through my mind
make me realize that there is something missing in my heart

im fearful of the impending loss
that i just might have to endure
i think its just stupidity
but at times im not too sure

an angelic hand reaches out
and helps me through the day
it lets me know you love me
and soon ill be there to stay

this time apart is cruel
but its something we must do
because after all this time has passed
ill be back with you