Missing You Poems - Page 2

I Miss You

Dear Sister,

I remember your name,
I remember your face,
I remember your style,
And your different taste.

I remember our fights,
I remember our laughs,
I remember our arguments, for the silly little tops.

I remember the times we spent together,
I remember the times we avoided each other,
I remember the times we slept under the moon,
counting the stars like funny little fools.

I remember the days you kissed me,
I remember the days you slapped me,
But then I thought your decision was right,
to move to a hostel, for both of us to spend peaceful nights.

But my nightmare started right there,
When I waved you a goodbye,
With no one to fight and no one to laugh,
I shed tears longing for you to come back.

I remember each moment I spent alone,
I remember the terrible situations I couldn’t handle,
I remember each time that I longed to see a shooting star,
to wish for you to come back.

I remember each time that I hesitated to tell you,
I remember each time when I longed for you to read my mind,
Now, that I feel it’s ‘now or never’,
Here comes the truth that I always wanted to tell you,
‘I terribly miss you! ! ’

I Saw You

I saw you dancing in the rain,
Your smile made me crazy.
You looked beautiful,
When you are thoughtful.
But you never knew,
You were being watched.
I remember the day,
You came to me for a pen,
And I had none.
You made my night sleepless
Each moment I closed my eyes,
I saw your face.
I was confused in placing you,
Either in my heart or in my eyes.
Still there was something that kept us apart
Never did I knew its reason
And on that fateful day
You went miles away
Leaving me alone in the dark
Yet your smile never did fade
Rather pricked my heart like a spade
Nothing can replace you
Neither spring nor autumn
Now, whenever it rains
My eyes still awaits you…


You were in my life
my life that was right,
the one were i didn’t mess up.

and you stayed
you didn’t see me for,
the mistake of which i know i am.

you greeted me
you were always my friend,
and then, i left you, for the dust.

for the seas and the skys
the hoplessness don’t matter,
‘coz all i need now…

is you

Make It Ok

To be catched,
by you,
would make falling ok.

and to be greeted,
by you,
would make dying ok.

all i need, is to stand,
by you,
and life might be ok.

But because i cannot be,
by you,
i will cry, and you shall hear.

The words in my tears,
are right,
and more than anything.

Never gone away,
never going,
going away.


Empty Street

Walking on the empty street
walking with an empty minnd
met a person who was very kind
felt like i reached my destination
cos he was admiration
everyday became a source of inspiration
on a fine day somebody came
but she is not to be blame
it was from that day
i lost him in every way
Alas! he was gone
leaving me all alone
and i standing alone on my feet
in the lonely empty street………..

Missing You

Long time ago i havent seen you
Its longtime i hvnt heard i love you
Im eagerly waitng for dt day
Cos it wll be special for me in evry way
You are the one i dream of all the time
Cos of u i say all dt lov isnt a crime
be the same what you are
eventhough you are near or far
you all always be mine
and this is the reason im always fine
missng you comeback soon
cos you are my moon
Take care
cos i really cant bear.
lve u dear
hope you wre near

Moment By Moment

At that moment
An endurable uncertainty
Moving over whelming
Of how it would be then
As the second minutes
And hours ticking away
As the days and months passing by
As times flies
Turning and spining around preciously
Not to be missed
Filling the heart with affection
Cherising the soul with care
Changing the life with splendour
Make own of my presence
For the absence
Is tearing the heart apart
Pulling,twisting,piercing deeply
Moment by moment.

Those Wee Bit Eyes

Those wee bit eyes
Those wee bit eyes, can’t let me sleep
They disturb me in my dream, thought n imagination
I want to dig deep in these innocent eyes to
inquire how much they love, miss me
Those wee bit eyes, can’t let me sleep

Silently these eyes lure me to write n praise her flawless beauty
Mere thought of losing these ravishing eyes, make me feel
terrible n jitters start running down my spine
Those wee bit eyes, can’t let me sleep

I used to wonder whether those eyes feel the same emotional
trauma that i m going through
I used to wonder what those eyes dream, thought about me
Those wee bit eyes, can’t let me sleep

Those wee bit eyes, can’t let me sleep
They can’t let me walk
They can’t let me concentrate
Those wee………

Still Waiting

Still waiting………
Still waiting for ur response
Like a beggar in front of door
Like a examinee who waited for result
Like a mother who waited to see her baby
Like a devotee who waited for GOD blessing
Still waiting………….

Still waiting for ur response
Like a miserable patient who waited for death
Like a loser who waited for win
Like a culprit who waited for mercy
Like a ranjha who waited for his adorable heer
Still waiting……………..

I Miss You

Every day of my life spent without you
Remain so worthless and I feel so blue.
It’s just that I really want to see you
Because I know in my heart how I badly miss you.
Kind of funny or crazy I may think though;
Sometimes I wonder why it had to be so-
Oh how I wish you’re here to cheer me up!
Nothing more I could ask from above
Just to see you beside me when I woke up.

Dearest I do hope you feel the same way, too
All this time what I think of was you.
Longing for those wonderful times we shared
In your own simple way, you show how much you care.
Reminiscing special moments we always share
Envious to those who’s with you
Because I really miss you so bad…