Memory Poems

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roses and vilots

roses are red vilots are blue he is for me not for you if by chance you take my place ill get my fist and punch your face !

Memories Of Past

Time and tide waits for none.
faster than river as it run,
and carries away with it all the fun,
the pleasure of the moments spent with loved one.

The lips are silent and they fear,
the pain of separation which is impossible to bear.
That silence speaks but no one seems to hear,
and those tears indicate a lot but no one seems to care.

Nothing on this earth will forever last,
tomorrow with something new will come so fast.
But it will always remain impossible, to forget pleasant memories of past.

Will Miss YOU ..

Hopes shattered, crashed dreamz.
Words unsed, haunting memorys.

Those b’ful tyms, ur velvet voice.
Some ignited moments, hw i miss.

Unfulfilled expectations, burning desires.
Pain unbearable, love incomplete.

A gap foreva, no one cn fil.
Da soft cornr,vil alwz be.

Cherishd momnts, nevr replcd.
Ur touch, i cravd.

U wre da trophy i wishd.
Bad luck repaid my evil deeds.

Heartless u, crazie me.
Senseless cribbing, unfortunate indeed.

No mattr wat u did to me,
De bst chapter it hpens to be.
Sands of tym may cum nd go,
U’l b remembered by stupid me.

I Will Miss…

When nights will be dark and silent,
I will be sitting alone in a room, reading a book of Khalil
I will miss…
Warmth of your breathe around me
And your presence on empty bed.

When there will be full moon nights,
I will be sitting in my balcony
I will miss…
How we used to sit on same chair holding each other
And shared our wounds, weaknesses and fears of life.

When it rains in evening,
I will hold a cup of tea and listen to music
I will miss…
How you used to relax on my lap
And your fingers moved in my hair.

When early morning in summers,
I will have a walk in a park
I will miss…
How I used to walk with you silently like a child with total trust.
As if I belonged to you all my life

When I will be in pain,
I will miss…
How you used to take me on long ride to bring smile on my face
And hide me in your arms

When I will be happy,
I will miss…
How you used to give me a rose without any reason to double my happiness.

Till the time I am alive,
I will miss you
You are breathing in me
And I can’t take you out.

Echoing Smiles

Broken promises with lost secrets
My forgotten dreams tied to open wounds
Memories of those who are gone
And those who have drifted
Love and happiness with them I shared
The laughter that echoed with our voices
My pain was still numb
But I left them
And something shifted
I realized they were a part of me
I just couldn’t let go
Pulling me down with the thin thread that holds us together
My remaining strength shatters
Will I recover
And if I see them will I smile
Or just run and cry
Sleepless nights of insomnia
Makes dreams of an altered reality
One that can never be in this world
One that can never be real
With my eyes still open I see nothing
I am bound by a blinding darkness
I cry and scream at the moon
Who silently watches over me
Trying to hide its smile
Beneath the stars

Let The Memories Gone

love n hopes
yearn n memories
fancy n realities
fill up my white sheet with black stain

i try to reopen new white sheet of my life
n remove the black stain from there
but i cant do it again
its the most serious wound for me

dark cloud on border of the sky
not dark enough like my heart feeling
past time between hopes n happiness
now just like dust n its meaningless

let past time which full of thorn fly away
let all in vain be lost
let all in strange be worn out
nothing more to be reminded

now i have to be able
to throw away the past time which full of memories
trying to reach for a new hope
with full of conviction feeling…………

Au Revoir

I’ll remember my school days.
I’ll never forget that where it lays..

I’ll never forget that beating given 2 us.
Those days I’ll never forget till my conscious..

I’ll never forget that punishment,(under the bright sun).
When in days of summer we had 2 bent (down)..

I’ll never 4get my teachers.
Whom I should say were turly our well-wishers..

Those fights with our classmates & others.
Memorizing them, I feel like I have feathers..

I want 2 go back in past.
Because with me now only
the ruins of those sweet memories lasts..

I’ll never 4 get my 10th standard.
Where in need I was renderd..

My fight with a shool guy on the stairs.
In which I foght like a burning flare..

My fight with one of my best friend.
Which changed my life’s trend..

I was in section “C” that time.
Those memories now also shines.

With their best lusture.
I still remember those gestures..

Those gestures made by my friends all.
When we were sitting in the examination hall..

Then I was in 12th .
That “GIRL” was a source of “BLISS”2 me..
On getting a sight of her
my mind says “WAHWEE!!!”.

I was like a fan of her .
And without her every scene seemed “BLUR!”..

I wanted 2 know what she thought of me.
Because I loved her in my heart “REALLY”&”TRULY”..

In a few months we left our school life behind.
That was the end point by which
all the memories I had 2 bind..

That strife among all our friend.
Will become a medicine 4 my heart 2 get mend..

They are the dearest of all.
As they are my pal..

That enjoyment after breaking rules.
As everyone thought they were only 4 FOOLS..

That kind of happiness & feeling
on my face can never be seen.
I think one can understand what I mean..

Au Revoir to my school days.
This is the only sentence which my soul says..


I have every thing.
Joy that life brings and yet im still so lonely.
Know one notices me! I am filled,empty!! I love but i hate him.
I cant stand to lose but i dont know how to win?!
Should i walk away?
My heart says stay, tommorow is another day.
But rite now im so lonely in this dark empty…
Space, tears stream down so i hide my face i feel like im suffocating.
All these mixed emotions are so aggravating i want to die!
Instead i hang my head and cry.
Sad lonely tears that smear my made up face i put on to earn your embrace.
Then you walk away never eager to hear what i need to say.
I love you but do you love me.
I dont want the things that money buy i want loves lullaby…
You know happily ever after!
You and i are a disaster.
Cant stand to be apart but i feel this relationship isnt coming from your heart.
Yes ill be sad but arent i already leave and let me be.
Make a decision please!!
Cant you see im on my knees, asking for closure for comfort for the pain i will endure.
Ill wipe away the tears that have fallen all these wasted years.
I hug you one last time,kiss and say goodbye…
I dont want to be lonely without you but i am lonely when im with you.
Ive been so confused but i know this i must do.
To our hearts we must be true.
My wonds ill now soothe.
Youll become a distant memory of a time when i use to be so lonely.

ONDOY, a Nightmare

It was 26th day of September, a day I’ll always remember
For something happened, that I have never imagined.
Early morning in that day, I’m having such a good time with my daughter
When suddenly we heard the news, that typhoon Ondoy was everywhere.

I immediately put raincoat on my daughter and plan to go some place to save her
But as we go downstairs, the flood was spreading really fast!
The water was extraordinary, the color of it looks like a coffee
But of course you can’t drink any; for sure it was very dirty…

It was flood full of mud that when you see it, surely you’ll get mad.
Ondoy was all over the trees, houses and streets and worst, all over the country.
Ondoy didn’t give us a chance to vacate the place, so we just hurried back upstairs.
We tried to put everything on top of the closet, even tried to make some things not to get wet.

We thought that it will never reach upstairs, but it was only eleven in the morning
When I suddenly felt the water was at my feet! So we went out of the room and to the terrace we go.
From there, we see things and people floating, swimming on the flood.
It was really scary that my daughter began to cry. I try to calm her and told her I won’t leave her side.
Just hold on to my hand and we will swim together, if it’s the only way for us to survive…

Good thing is that her daddy was with us. My husband’s dad, cousin and uncle are there too. We are all seven trapped in the terrace, but later, I can’t count the numbers
For the neighbors and the others are there with us, too.

My hubby and the others tried to make a way, to let us all walk on the roof top
To be able to go to the house that is tall enough, sure in this day, we have to be tough.
He carried my daughter at his back, walk slowly towards the roof top
I followed him carefully until we reach to the top.

At last, we’re all on the roof top. Sitting there feeling so cold.
I let my daughter sleep on my lap, while my hubby helps the others to be with us.
The rain continuously fall really bad, the wind blows so strong.
I just hope that it will not last for long.

Aside from hoping, I have to do something.
Somehow, somewhere, I might get help.
I reach for my phone and try to call for help.
But who can help us? If they, too, needs help.

I’m starting to loose hope and give up.
I started to cry as I watch the others.
Babies are crying, the old and the others are praying.
Oh yes, I remember, there’s only ONE who can help us with all this.

I prayed to Him, “Oh Lord, if this is going to end, please let it end now.
I know you can let it stop and save us.
For you are powerful than the typhoon and stronger than anyone or anything else.
But if this is how our life will end, Oh Lord, I’ll offer you my soul, together with all the people gathered here.
Please take us all by your hand and save us.”

So now, ONDOY, a Nightmare it was!
But sure did leave a lesson to all of us.
That no matter how young, old, rich or poor,
In the eyes of the Lord, we are but the same
We are His children and His love for us is pure…

Hometown Memories

Standing again to the land of my hometown
for a moment i felt
i’d travelled back in time
though i began to notice
for the better of the surrounding
i close my eyes as if to magical blink
it back to what it had once been
remembering the past of my growing up years
i’d once spent there
always aroused a mixture of emotions
there are no reason to make them
any more dramatic than they always were
my hometown memories
it belong to me
i’d come to view them as a sort of musium exhibit
i wish i could tell you
that it was better than i imagine it would be
but in all honesty
i cant
it’s always been the truth
that keep coming back on my mind
the unforgetable memories
the unpleasant of it
how i wished for the love and understanding
like a thousand knives stabbing me
though it’s no longer bleeding
but the pain is always there
i had no desire to change what on others mind
from the experience that always be my inspiration
i never could imagine that
after all those year’s
those who usually walk away
and never find my interest charming
suddenly infront of me
un invited yet smiling giving praise
to what i become
but why is it that i have a strange feeling
that people start to look at me in a way
i could never imagine
its the other way around back then
should i listen to the pain and not to show courtesy and consideration
should i follow the attitude i never wanted to be
as a stable person in keeping with kind
that i was
i begun to smile back
infrequently at first then a litle more often
time quickly slip away
two weeks and i wished i could stay longer
but i have to start packing
so i have to say good bye again
to the people
and to the land where i was born
for my journey is not yet over
then again when the plane was in the air
i felt a lightness in my heart
so amazed with the happiness
i had never felt before
now im leaving with a smile on my face bringing with me along the second chapter of my past
that i will treasure it with care.