Love Poems - Page 7


Have you really become a stranger to me ?
Once,I shared my life with you

When you smiled with me, you cried with me
When you waited for hours to have my glimpse
When I could touch your eyes with my lips
When I could smell your fragrance and sweat

I saw you passing the road
I looked from distance and wondered
Will you at least smile if you see me
Once,I shared my life with you

When we could spent nights talking about nothing
When I could shout and fight with you
When I could cry in your arms
When you could open up all of your wounds

Have you really become a stranger to me ?
Once,I shared my life with you

When I knew every part of your being
When I cared for every small thing in your life
When I forgot the whole world to be with you
When everything of mine was yours

Have you really become a stranger to me ?
Once,I shared my life with you…my love

I Just Want To be Good To You

I don’t want to own you
Don’t want to control you
I want to be good to you
I don’t want to make you sad
And I’ll never treat you bad
I just want to be good to you
Real love is not possessive
It doesn’t know of jealousy
I gladly gives without thought of taking
Just like the love between you and me

I just want to be good to you

I don’t want to hold you back
I want you to face the fact
That I just want to be good to you
And when hard times visit you
I’ll comfort and see you through
Cause I just want to be good to you
True love is something that sustains you
It makes you glad to be alive
It helps you realize your hopes and your dreams
Together, side by side

I just want to be good to you

—The Prophet of Life

Way to Love

‘M not trying to make you love me
But only for you to see who I really am
There and then you will see you have fallen
Fallen in love with me that each time you
Think of me you just wanna hear from me,
Or be where I’m.

Love’s Happy Ending

It’s when you smile that i know
Everything is going to be okay
And It’ll all turn out right
Just like they do
In those romance novels I love
The girl in despair
With the knight in shining armour
Swooping in to save the day
That’s the way it always goes
Never failing to stay true to the Ines
Till you turn my words upside down
And made me laugh like I’d never before
You make my day with your sweet smile
And filled my night with endless
Pictures of your beautiful face
I use to be the sort of girl
Who never believes in fairy tales
But being with you
Makes me went to believe
That you and me
We’ll be love happy ending.

Thank You For Loving Me

You came to my life unexpectedly.
You came to my private world with your understanding heart,
And I told to myself that you were different from the very start.
You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
And even after I was done with my immaturity, craziness, in short you saw all the good and the bad, yet you never let go.
We developed a friendship with trust, with no walls to build or guard,
I’ve grown to love you with no hidden agenda but with only the real me,
I let you see and know the girl who never let anyone to her world.
Letting you get to know about me what most people never see.
I’m writing this to you for you to understand,
That spending time with you is so precious I never want to let go your hand.
The time that we spend apart cannot equal when we talked and exchanging messages .
That’s what I felt and feel.
I want to thank you for always understanding me and loving me.
Your the man I wished I would have met to share my life
I miss you so much but when we meet again will be so much better.
I am sorry for everything……So sorry……..
We said goodbyes million times yet we still fixed it.
I don’t know really anymore if am talking with sense now.
All I know now is I want my old self back.
The girl who will just be content looking her family happy and let her own happiness in her own private world.
She tried to share her world but it never worked.
Not because of you I know that.
It is ME and no one else fault.
I love you so much that’s why I’m letting you go.
Letting you go because I know am not good enough for you.
Thank you for all the love you gave me…
I will treasure all the good and bad moments we shared together…


Angel Falls

Because I have you body and soul,
So tender beneath so bold,
You share with me the gift of love,
Like an angel from the sky above,
Your lips so warm yor heart so pure,
My body numb I cannot fear,
The kiss you share upon my lips,
Gives me a chance of moon nights kiss,
Without regret my temple falls,
Because of you no broken walls,
My eyes so wide so I can see,
The feelings shared are meant to be.

Never A Last

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be written
My last poem for you
It will hurt too much
To be afraid to speak to you
Scared that I will have to stop my words
And resist writing another poem
I was going to tell you
How I had loved you
How my heart ached
When you hurt me
And how well I have to move on
But maybe it’s for the best I don’t
This way,I’ll always have you
And you’ll always have
A piece of my heart
That’s been broken and mended;tiny size
But nevertheless your’s to keep
Yes,I have move on
But this doesn’t mean
I have to say good bye
I’ll always love you somehow
Just in a different part of my heart
It’s better for us all this way
My poem to you never a last
Maybe i’m just selfish
Holding on to you
But my last poem for you
Wasn’t meant to be written
And you’ll never know
That i’m writting for you…..

Broken Vow

I do, will take care of you…
I do, will always be here for you…
I do, will always cherish you…
I do, will always love you.

Six years have passed on between us
Six years of love and hate collide
Shuttered dreams and broken hearts,
With lots of pain and tears that cannot hide.

I don’t, know how to take care of you, anymore.
I don’t know if I can still bare to be with you.
I don’t know anything about you, no more.
I don’t know if I can still love you like before.

I do, find a way to kiss and make-up, but
I don’t find you here beside my bed when I wake up.
I do, believe love will find its way, how?
I don’t really know for what we have is a broken vow.

Deep In Love

When i saw you first time,
I did the thing love crime
I fell in your love which is sweet
without my intension.
I never got sleep,
I was in your drug deep.
The clock is too lazy when your
Why dont you talk to me baby.
The nights kill me while i cant push
the time and loneliness pierce inside,
Why cant you hug me when I lay my
shoulders wide.
I am lonely in dark desert,
finding the way which is useless
Loving You is my favourite mistake,
Trust me for my pure soul,this love
isn’t fake.
When i look in your lovely blue
I cant say no, i feel hypnotise.
Hear my thanking voice o’ Jesus,
for your beautiful creation of sea
She is beautiful queen in heart of
I want to be selfish for the honey
this bee.
Then what are you waiting for,
Come to me there may be tomorrow or
-The dude who makes place in everybody’s heart. . . . . . .
-God’s Chosen One. . . . . .

How Can I

How can i keep you?
If somebody owns you
how can i go on your way?
If somebody is blocking my way.
How can i get you?
If somebody is holding you.
How can be you my special someone?
If there’s someone special for you
how can i say goodbye?
If I don’t want to leave you.
How can I say I don’t love you?
If my heart keep on saying that I still love you!