Love Poems - Page 6

From My Heart To you

This I want to tell you, from my heart to you
When your nights are getting cold and blue
When your days get harder too

I will always stay by your side and shall never hide
No matter how far the distance and longer the stride
Just remember that I will do everything to make you confide

But if you are feeling sad and your heart gets colder
And all you wanna do is cry on my shoulder
Be bold to tell me you want us together
And I will show you, WHAT LOVE CAN DO!

I Love U With All My Heart And Soul…

No words can express my FEELINGS….
That how much I MISS U everyday….
Day by day the loneliness grows….
How I MISS U…..nobody knows….
No one knows my SORROW…
No one sees my WEEP…
Bcz everyday,I’ve to pretend
I’ve to a fake smile…
I’ve to a fake laugh…
I’ve to pretend everything is OKAY…..when ITS NOT…..

U told me,thar U loved me….
So why did u LEFT ME…..
I told u, I’ll never Leave U…
I kept my promise,but u didn’t…
Everyday, I sit and wonder
Why I MISS U…why I LOVE U…
But I found no reason,the LOVE I’VE FOR U….

Now I just can’t keep quite anymore….
So I’ll tell U everything,that

No Doubt

I know we are not the same people; we are battling North and South.
I have the belief that God made you for me, there is no doubt.
I know that life with me is a challenge everyday.
I do, I say, and I bring things that make you think and say. How can I make it another day?
I do not know how to change.
And it may sound strange.
I swear, I do not mean to cause you pain.
Or even cause you the slightest strain.
You are the one that I love.
The one who fits around me like a glove
The one who holds my sun, moon and stars
My life’s water, that is who you are,
I apologize for putting the clouds in your sky.
But without the clouds, to make a little rain, all would go dry.
I know in my heart of hearts, you are the sunshine that brightens my cloudy day.
I know how I make you crazy, I don’t mean too, or know what else to say.
All I can tell you is I love, that much is true.
I do not want to lose you,
Or driver you away.
That is a price I never want to pay.
Please forgive me that is all I can ask.
I know that it is an on going task.
This is our Battle you the North
And me the South, But know that I love you there is NO DOUBT!

If You….then I’ll

If you are right then am right…
if you are wrong then am wrong…

if you are sad then am sad…
if you are happy then am happy…

if you are ok then am ok…
if you cry then i’ll give you my shoulder….

if you do bad then i’ll help you making that good…
if you’ll fail to decide then i’ll try to make you decide…

if you are happy with someone else, then i’ll be happy while living in your memories…

Will You Be

Whenever in trouble’s I’ll be, will you be there standing for me?
Whenever sad I’ll be, will you be there having smiles for me?
Whenever in needs I’ll be, will you be there having help for me?
Whenever very late I’ll be, will you be there still waiting for me?
Whenever I couldn’t speak, will you be there having words for me?
Whenever very far away I’ll be, will you be there still looking for me?
Whenever alone I’ll be, will you be there having parties just for me?
Whenever going down I’ll be, will you be there, having cheers for me?
Whenever faraway I’ll be, will you be there, saying prayers for me?
Whenever in shrine I’ll be, will you be there, in eyes having tears for me?
(c.k as oliver)

Can I Be

Can I be the one for you, as I was once for you?
Can you give me chance, as I was once giving to you?
Can you say me mine, as once I was hearty saying to you?
Can’t you accept me however I am, as once I was accepting you?
Can’t you believe me, as once I was having trust on you?
Can I be the only for you, as once I was just and only for you?
Can’t I make your wounds aided, ‘n every time I’ll be waiting for you?
Can’t you lose something for me, as once I was drawing all for you?
Can’t I be not in your thoughts, as once I was all time thinking for you?

Verre Heart

Have good bayed to your city, I have lost everything for you
Never come back, you’ll die finding someone like me.
Thought you will shore me up but you left me in a holed one.
Go on running behind the beautiful faces same as you.
You ruthless! crushed my dreams and happiness, one by one.
Think I can’t live without you, then forgot it about me.
In my feet there are thousands rolling like you, don’t care you.
Also true, just on your name, can live life alone, or die.
But you are the alone person who don’t care for my verre heart.
Try my best to vanish every memory but don’t succeed.
I pretend, am not in love, I hate you but this whole is not so true.
Trying to find reason, for saving innocent life of mine.
You don’t want, talk about me, am always lost in dreams of you.
You are the only reason for running sweet life of mine.
Heart is broken but in every piece of ‘verre’ it’s just and only you.
You’ll remain forever in the songs and poems of mine.
(c.k as oliver)

For My Love

long… has been long…….to see you………to see you..
rain …in the rain…….you and me walk together…..
blue…………sky………and pearl of rain…….
pearl ……. the pearl of rain……that touched you oh! my love
yes……..its true that I love you….. the only you…….
…can’t bare the space….between you and me
love oh! my love… I just wanna say
that I am for you
my heart for you

Down But Desire Going Higher

Situations are going always opposite me and I want to make a stronger fire,
Trust you so much, did my best more I did what I could, rest is up to you.
You put me in a condition of down but now my desire going so and so higher.
Sometimes I lose my heart, cry a times, believe on you with closed eyes.
My all hopes are up to you, for others I want I should do, am leaving all on you.
Am trusting you, you are rusting me, am loving you, you‘re leaving me.
My desire of flying higher is not only a desire that a passion that’s burning me.
Forgive me I apologize rude I talked to you but all the time I’ll come to you.
Do what you can break me shake me see me am down but my desire going higher.
(c.k as oliver)

Come To Me

Don’t love me, if you’re going to leave me.
Never come near me, if you’re going far away forever.
I want to hear those words, just say for me.
Your only beauty can’t give relief to me.
For a while just come near and please, please me
I want to show you my love, dear come near me.
Don’t love me, if you’re going to hate me.
If you’re afraid of world, then please belief me.
Don’t forget your promise, with which you pleased me.
I need’ not your body, I just want your soul.
I will never leave your hand; just once give it to me.
It’s the sound of my heart, please listen to me.
Never hold my hand if you’re going to make me alone.
Beauty is for a time, but love remains forever.
I am gazing at the way, on which you’ll come to me,
I just want to be yours, Come if you trust me,
C.K as oliver